The Charisma Code
Public Speaking Skills Training

The Quest for Success Ltd Charisma Code Training is the only public speaking and presentation skills training you will ever need. When you attend this training, we take the mystery out of presenting with charisma and assist you to install a complete and essential toolkit of skills within your thinking which will enable you to deliver entertaining and engaging presentations and speeches with complete confidence. You may even enjoy yourself, imagine that!

The key to presenting with confidence and charisma is first and foremost to remove the fear, nerves, anxiety and worry about speaking in front of other people. Other trainings may tell you that this is simply a matter of preparation, knowing your subject and having visual aids that guide you through your script. We know that your needs around speaking in public go much deeper than that, after all, if that was all it was you would have done that already, wouldn’t you?

We know that controlling your emotional state, installing new strategies for confidence and getting in touch with your physiology are more important to you, aren’t they? The Charisma Code training starts from the very beginning. Even if you have a phobia around speaking in public (remember a phobia is an intense, irrational fear) then this is the training for you .Our expertise in Neuro Linguistic Programming (The study of Human Behaviour) means that we know how to empower you to remove all of your phobic, fearful and anxious responses to the idea of public speaking. You may have none of these emotional conditions, you may just want to install excellence within your presentation skills system and this is the training for you too. It will only take three days to bring your presentation skills to an unrivalled level of excellence.

To offer you some insight into the content of The Charisma Code, here are just some of the excellent behaviours and skills that you will consciously install unconsciously during the compelling three days of the training. These core behaviours have been modelled from the most engaging presenters in the world and they really work

1. Feeling great! Removing your fear, anxiety, nerves or over excitement and installing calm, relaxed confidence and charisma.

2. Getting in control of your audience, holding them in the palm of your hand so they are hanging on every word.

3. Make every word compelling by learning how to use your language to best effect.

4. Being memorable.

5. Content sequencing to ensure that your content is compelling to everyone’s communication style preferences.

6. Controlling what you don't say by learning how to use your body to best effect.

7. Handling questions and difficult participants with confidence and authority.

8. Learn the essentials of stage craft to generate audience engagement.

9. Make complex and dry content engaging, simple and fun.

10. Charismatic confidence when speaking in front of an audience of 2, 2000, 20,000 or more!

Easily installing each of these new behaviours and thinking patterns in a safe and supportive environment will enable you to be the public speaker you always wanted to be. Charismatic speakers are not born, they are made and we would like to assist you to re-make yourself in preparation for total excellence.

You may be speaking to social groups, to friends, making sales pitches to business colleagues, training or teaching people, networking, presenting as a manager or leader, giving challenging messages in a HR role, taking an interview, presenting a new product or service, whatever your public speaking environment, The Charisma Code with Quest for Success Ltd is the only presentation skills training you will ever require. Excellence is not about PowerPoint, it’s about YOU!

The Charisma Code
Public Speaking Skills Training

Course Full Price £720

Includes 20% VAT
What Our Clients Say

“It was the most incredible experience! The delivery was very precise to the requirement. Thank you!”


“The most challenging and amazing two weeks of my life. You will learn so many techniques and processes that can be useful in so many aspects of your life.”


“This is my third course with Quest for Success and every time I’m amazed at the quality and skills.”


“I’d recommend Christine as a trainer. She is able to adapt the information in a very individualised learning approach.”


“It’s been absolutely enlightening! I’d encourage anybody to complete any of the Quest for Success courses. Christine has got absolute professionalism in every single element.”

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