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Master NLP Trainer Christine Dawson reveals the vital tools and methods required to improve your mindset and build a positive concept of reality, in her expertly curated eBook.

Your brain is a learning mechanism, a muscle which can be taught to change and grow, to your benefit! 

Christine is one of only a handful of ABNLP Certified Master Trainers in the UK and has climbed to the top of her profession over the past 16 years. This eBook encapsulates this experience and knowledge. Download your copy today!

Your mindset matters, doesn’t it? Everyone is always telling us to think positively, and work on our headspace. How many times have we heard that a healthy mind promotes a healthy body, and vice-versa? These are things we all know we should do. Do you personally know how to put them into practice? If not, then you will soon! The pages of this eBook, Mindset Magic, will help you to self-coach and work on your own personal development to create your own success. Open your mind to new ways of thinking to bring more prosperity, and abundance and victory into your life. It is yours for the taking!

This eBook is perfect for you, if you:

Want to work on both your present and future self

Want to claim your personal power and confidence

Want to discover new possibilities and pathways

Want to truly look after your emotional wellbeing

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Why learn the ingredients to create the life you desire?

By learning the ingredients required to live a successful, abundant life, you’ll gain more control of your emotional state and use your brain’s natural processing powers for CHANGE! This power allows humans to maintain their energy, desire, and passion for life. It’s quite special and a key life skill.

Top 5 FAQs

Is it really free? What’s the catch?

There’s no catch. We’ve carefully designed Mindset Magic to give you the perfect flavour of NLP and the positive impact it makes. If you enjoy the webinar and see a benefit for you, there are a number of NLP courses you can sign up to afterwards on our website. For now, focus on the webinar and all will be revealed…

How do I know if this is right for me?

We say, download it and see how you go! We always advise people to take the plunge, and what better way than a free eBook to enjoy from the comfort of your own home. This eBook is perfect for those wanting to work on both their present and future self, are a coach or therapist wanting to help others, want to discover new possibilities in life, and want to learn more about NLP itself.

Can I keep my eBook forever?

Absolutely, yes! It’s yours forever once you hit the download button and save it to your device or PC. This means you can read your eBook in bite-sized chunks and come back to it whenever you want for a refresher.

Can I recommend Mindset Magic to a friend?

Yes, we’d love that, and many have already! The more like-minded people that enjoy this online learning the better. You can share the eBook by simply sharing this link with them: Here

How long is the eBook?

The eBook is just over 30 pages long, packed full of knowledge and expertise from our Master Trainer Christine Dawson.

“Christine is skilled, experienced, very engaging and really supportive.”


Christine Dawson is one of only a handful of ABNLP Certified Master Trainers in the UK, and runs a number of NLP courses. You can browse them here and take your learning further.

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