Corporate Solutions & Training

Corporate Solutions and Training

Our diverse business background and superb knowledge of NLP has rewarded us with a unique perspective, enabling us to create a highly successful and resonant approach to solving all of your business challenges. Today you can experience a different and inspiring approach and launch your business into the future, beyond the limits of what you believed possible yesterday.

We will work in partnership with you to create bespoke training and coaching programmes which meet the specific vision and outcomes of your organisation:

Training Solutions
• Inspirational Leadership
• Successful Selling
• Influencing and Negotiation
• The Presentation Wizard
• Informed Recruitment
• Team Dynamics
• Interpersonal Skills
• Storytelling for Change
• Train the Trainer – Training with Excellence
• Advanced skills for Project Managers
• NLP for Business Excellence Foundation

Coaching Solutions
• Coaching for Excellence: One to one coaching for optimum performance at any organisational level
• Transition Coaching: One to one coaching for redundancy, retirement, return to work, induction and role transition
• Coaching for Difficult Relationships: Coaching for two or more individuals where relationships have broken down

Psychology of Business Solutions
Organisational Wellbeing: Stress Awareness and Resolution, Smoking Cessation, Weight Control, Phobia Removal, Motivation and Self-Confidence
• Understanding and Building Successful Teams: Values, Meta Programmes and Roles in Teams
• Informed Recruitment and People Placement: Get the right people into the right roles
• Event Design and Facilitation: Creative and innovative Workshop and Conference design and delivery
• All of our Business Solutions are designed in close consultation with you to ensure that all of your specific business needs are met.

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