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Trance-Linguistic Coaching™ (TLC™)

Why do you need TLC ™?

Life can be both rewarding and challenging, sometimes it looks perfect and sometimes it feels extremely difficult. Whether you are building on success or striving to develop coping strategies for the more demanding events in life, having a coaching relationship with an experienced professional can break down self-limiting barriers and accelerate motivation, resilience and focus.

When was the last time you had the complete attention of someone who is focussed entirely and completely on you and your desired outcomes, aspirations and goals? Imagine that for a moment having a dedicated time, focussed entirely on you.  An investment in yourself is the only investment available that will give you a guaranteed return.

What is TLC™?

Trance-Linguistic Coaching™ (TLC™) is a powerful and inspiring blend of a number of personal development disciplines:
• The science and technologies of Neuro Linguistic Programming
• The power and transformative results of Creating Your Future™ Coaching Techniques
• The soothing and relaxing nature of Hypnosis
• Coming together in an empowering and robust coaching framework

TLC™ takes personal growth and development to a level rarely experienced in the world of coaching today.  The blended technology of TLC™ is uniquely placed to promote effective and productive results, transporting you from where you are now to where you want to be.

TLC™ is the latest in coaching. You will embark on a journey to advance your thinking and capability and become an effective force, empowered with the ability to positively affect your relationships, your business, your abundance and your personal growth.

If you want to create unlimited success across all areas of you life, easily, then please complete the contact form. Coaching is for you.

At Quest for Success Ltd, our TLC™ Coaches specialise in:
• TLC™ for individual resilience, empowerment, capability and wellbeing
• TLC™ for improved total health (working with depression, stress, anxiety, addiction, weight control, trauma, OCD, PTSD)
• TLC™ for Couples with relationship difficulties
• TLC™ for families with difficult relationships
• TLC™ for Corporate Performance Acceleration at Executive level
• TLC™ for Corporate Performance Acceleration for Managers and Leaders
• TLC™ for Corporate Resilience and Wellbeing
• TLC™ for Mind Performance Capability in Sports

How does TLC™ work?

TLC™ is founded on the precise modelling of exceptional people, is outcome focussed and provides clear process driven approaches to excellence, it is one of the most powerful and transformative coaching resources available today.

TLC™ is a collaborative relationship between two people, based on trust and openness.  The focus of the coach’s attention is solely on the coachee, their present situation and their desired outcomes.  The coach will travel the journey alongside the coachee, providing a compass and assisting them to remove barriers and develop new thinking whilst they navigate towards their goals and activating their own internal compass for a resilient future.

Our TLC™ Coaches are highly qualified, knowledgeable and experienced. They know how to precisely identify the needs of each client and when to elegantly challenge and when to support.  Each Coach has demonstrated capabilities which exceed the exacting standards of the ABNLP, the TLT™A, the ABH and the Coaching Division of the ABNLP.  Our coaches are professional members in good standing of all of these regulatory bodies and can be judged against their Code of Ethics across all aspects of their work.

You and your TLC™ Coach will create a Personal Coaching Programme together.  The programme will be specific and focussed on your desired outcomes and aspirations.  Your TLC™ relationship may be very brief, as the powerful technologies you will experience enable rapid change, or your coach may walk your path with you for a longer period of time, that’s up to you.  The timing and duration of each TLC™ meeting is your choice.  Our flexible coaches have the capability to coach face to face, over a Skype VC connection or over the telephone, so if you are not near a TLC™ Coach you can still reap all of the benefits of TLC™ Coaching.

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