Personal Breakthrough Programme

An Exclusive, Life Changing Experience

The Quest for Success Personal Breakthrough Programme is an exclusive package which addresses all of your personal change aspirations over two intensive and exceptional days of personal coaching.

Working one to one with a highly experienced NLP Coach you will put all of your issues and challenges under the microscope and gain total understanding of your desired changes and future goals. We will mindfully and carefully uncover the models of thought and mental strategies which you run every day. Eliciting your values and beliefs systems will shine a bright and illuminating light on your thinking and behaviour and we will support and guide you in your evaluation of them. Your NLP Coach will assist you in changing anything which is not helpful to you, easily, ensuring congruency and alignment with all areas of your life.

You will create compelling and well-formed goals which you will achieve with focus and conviction. A goal that is in your head is still a dream, so your coach will show you a very specific method of writing it down and transporting it into your reality.

An exclusive and exquisite programme of coaching, based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP Coaching, Hypnosis and Time Line TherapyTM Techniques will be designed specifically for you and will enable you to:

• Make well-informed, congruent decisions, easily
• Finally let go of all that emotional baggage, at last!
• Remove all negative emotions and limiting decisions
• Remove all limiting beliefs that you have about yourself and which prevent you from moving forward
• Resolve internal conflicts and create internal alignment and energy
• Remove any and all phobias, habits, addictions and any other unhelpful behaviours that are holding you back from getting what you want in life
• Ensure that your values and values level thinking are congruent in all areas of your life and assist you in evolving your values thinking to the next level
• Lay the foundations for rapid personal growth
• Generate the thinking that promotes good health and wellbeing, both mentally and physically
• Create a positive future, enabling you to focus on what you want and to achieve your well-formed goals
• Enable you to climb out of the rut and begin to fly

All of our work is guaranteed. We will continue to work with you on any unresolved problems outside of the programme, within the programme fee, providing that you have demonstrated your willingness to change and carried out any tasks set for you by your coach.

Breakthrough your boundaries, right now and invest in the rest of your life!

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