NLP Trainers Training

The Quest for Success International NLP Trainers Training has been mindfully created to a level of detail that guarantees you will be aligned, congruent and at your most successful with a level of consistency you have never experienced before. You will have all the skills and knowledge you need to assist your students of NLP to achieve the same level of satisfaction and contentment in their lives that you have created. 

The ultimate goal of your NLP Trainers Training is to be able to share the thinking and knowledge of an NLP Practitioner with those who are looking for something new to create something new. 

On graduation you will be the most exceptional trainer, presenter and public speaker and be able to effortlessly demonstrate how to:

  • Remove the nerves, anxiety and fear associated with public speaking.
  • Be able to explain complex ideas effortlessly.
  • Accelerate your career prospects and improve your chances of promotions and pay raises.
  • Learn the detail of effective and powerful professional speaking and training with an emphasis on NLP.
  • Fully comprehend the various possibilities of utilising NLP in a business context and design an endless portfolio of trainings for a corporate audience.
  • Be known for your public speaking and training skills.
  • Gracefully avoid the common pitfalls that most speakers get trapped in.
  • Increase your business offering and your market share.
  • Enhance your leadership skills and become the focus of respect and inspiration.
  • Increase your business sales by becoming a more effective speaker when presenting yourself, your product and company to prospective clients.
  • Create a much bigger sales pipeline and product range with less effort than you are putting in right now.
  • Begin training other people in your own NLP Training Company immediately.

International NLP Trainers Training is a very exclusive and immersive learning experience. It’s not for everyone. Please contact the office to discover more and chat with our experienced team about your NLP Trainers Training experience.

For more details on what this training involves, watch our NLP Trainer's Training Discovery Webinar here.


NLP Trainer’s Training

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Full Course Price £5000

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What Our Clients Say

“It was the most incredible experience! The delivery was very precise to the requirement. Thank you!”


“The most challenging and amazing two weeks of my life. You will learn so many techniques and processes that can be useful in so many aspects of your life.”


“This is my third course with Quest for Success and every time I’m amazed at the quality and skills.”


“I’d recommend Christine as a trainer. She is able to adapt the information in a very individualised learning approach.”


“It’s been absolutely enlightening! I’d encourage anybody to complete any of the Quest for Success courses. Christine has got absolute professionalism in every single element.”

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