Mindset Matters Weekend Workshop

Your mindset matters, doesn't it? Isn’t everybody always telling you to think positively? That you need a resilient mindset? That you need to work on how you are thinking? People are always telling you these things and yet, does anybody really tell you how to do that? I'm guessing not. Building a mindset that works for you is one of those things that you know you should do and then you think well, okay, I know I need to think positively, and then you discover that it is not as easy as it sounds. You require some instructions on how your mind actually works in order to get in control of your thinking, don’t you?

Enter the Quest for Success Ltd Mindset Matters Weekend Workshop. Over the course of two, quite magical days, you will discover and learn how to implement tools and methods that you can use daily, to begin to build that positive mindset, a mindset that will have you think of your world differently. A mindset that will allow you to create your own concept of reality, a mindset that if you choose to apply it to your everyday activity, can truly bring success, prosperity and abundance into your life.

Your mindset really does matter. We talk about mental health all the time these days and yet, facilities for improving mental health on a daily basis are still not that easy to access. So, the more that you can self coach and the more you can work on your own mindset, the better equipped you are to support your own mental health and that is important. Your world is your own and you create it with your thinking. At this inspiring workshop you will receive the instructions you need to help you to open up some new thinking, some new ideas about how you can work with your own mindset and self-coach. The important thing is to be able to do that in a natural way, using the natural processes that your brain automatically uses to learn. 

Your brain is a learning mechanism. You have ultimate capacity for changing how you think and that fact is often missed. Often you say, “well, I can't change the way I think”, or “I can't change the way I feel”. The thing is, yes, you can. You can change how you think and how you feel rapidly and easily, when you have the right knowledge and the right tools. 

Why would we use the word ‘magic’ to describe mindset creation? It is not by accident.  If you look up the word ‘magic’ in a dictionary, the definitions are interesting and appropriately applied to the concept of controlling your thinking. Here are some of the definitions of the word ‘magic’, varying depending on whether you use the word as an adjective, adverb, verb or noun within your language:

‘To change something remarkably effectively or rapidly’. 

‘A very effective way of producing desired results’. 

‘A quality of being beautiful and delightful in a way that seems remote from daily life’. 

‘The power of apparently influencing events using mysterious of supernatural forces’. 

You are not exactly dipping into the supernatural here, you are learning something that can influence events and that can change what you manifest in your life. Mindset creation is all new to you and because it is so effective, rapid and easy, it does feel a little mysterious and magical. You need a bit of magic in your life! 

There are four magic ingredients that you will learn to be comfortable in using each and every day. The first is personal power, an important ingredient to your success and the most important foundation on which you can build your successful, powerful and positive mindset. However you describe the mindset that would be most resourceful for you is perfect. The creation of personal power is fundamental to creating what you want. Personal power is about becoming empowered. We will talk you through how you can start to create that.

The next ingredient is the nature of the stories you tell yourself. Here I'm talking about your self talk, you know, the constant dialogue that you have in your mind, telling you stories and convincing you that they are true. The language that you use in your mind dictates how your mindset gets constructed. That is something you don't normally consciously think about is it? What do you say to yourself in your mind? Are you being kind to yourself? Are you being judgmental and critical? Are you using a pleasant tone when you talk to yourself or are you harsh of voice? The stories that you tell yourself in your mind become self-fulfilling prophecies, you literally convince yourself that they are true. 

The third magic ingredient are your emotions. Everybody is connected to emotions in a different way. Some people feel them very deeply, every day, whilst others would much rather put them in a box, especially when there are emotions that don't feel resourceful. They place them in a box and put them on the shelf and don't go anywhere near them. Never open that box! Emotions are important mindset ingredients and we will teach you how to get to emotional wellbeing. 

Finally, the fourth ingredient to the mindset recipe are your beliefs, what you believe to be true. Your beliefs come from all sorts of places. In fact, in today's world of social media, every time you go onto a social media platform or observe the news, you are quite probably absorbing beliefs from other people that are not your own. You absorb them unconsciously and they inform your behaviour and your actions.

At the Quest for Success Ltd Mindset Matters Workshop, you will be gently guided by experts with a great deal of experience and knowledge, through the processes of creating a resilient and powerful mindset that will remain with you for life.

Mindset Matters Weekend Workshop

What Our Clients Say

“It was the most incredible experience! The delivery was very precise to the requirement. Thank you!”


“The most challenging and amazing two weeks of my life. You will learn so many techniques and processes that can be useful in so many aspects of your life.”


“This is my third course with Quest for Success and every time I’m amazed at the quality and skills.”


“I’d recommend Christine as a trainer. She is able to adapt the information in a very individualised learning approach.”


“It’s been absolutely enlightening! I’d encourage anybody to complete any of the Quest for Success courses. Christine has got absolute professionalism in every single element.”

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