Tips For Noticing There Is Always A Way

May 21, 2024

Hi wonderful reader, I hope that you are well and are ready to think differently today? You are? Great!

Today, as I share my ideas and reflections with you, I’m thinking about how it is that some people always achieve their most desired goals and dreams whilst others never quite get there. How do they do that?

Let’s think about those people who never quite achieve everything that they want for themselves, they just continually stop short of making things happen, sometimes entirely unconsciously, outside of their conscious awareness. I’ve identified a pattern of thinking that fits this outcome and I would love to share it with you. Here’s the psychology of opportunity.

You think, “Wow I would really love to do that, it sounds amazing and I can see some truly beneficial outcomes for me if I grasp that opportunity”. The thought feels exciting and your body responds by releasing adrenaline and your heart beat begins to quicken. Energy begins to course though your body and your mind begins to open up to infinite possibility and then, you notice that you are about to embark on something new, it’s out of your comfort zone. As a human being, you typically resist uncertainty and have a natural preference to sit within your zone of comfort and confidence. Then you unconsciously misinterpret the excitement for nerves and begin a negatively charged ‘what if’ internal dialogue. In order to quieten your new nervous feeling and pop yourself firmly back into your grey, dull, yet seemingly acceptable zone of comfort, you begin to formulate reasons why you can’t be, have or do what you were previously excited about being, having or doing.

Those reasons flow thick and fast. ‘I won’t be able to do it’, ‘I can’t afford it’, ‘I haven’t got the time’, ‘I will have to be away from my family for a time’, ‘I have something else to do that is more important’, ‘It won’t be as great as I think’, and the reasons go on and on until you convince yourself that it’s better all-round if you don’t take an opportunity and create what you desire the most. Does this pattern read as familiar to you? Perhaps you have run it in the past, perhaps you are running it now as you read this or know someone that is? If you are, then I have wonderful news for you! What you felt really was excitement rather than nerves and there is always a way to be, do and have what you want to be, do and have.

I’d like to relate a true story to you. Whilst in the middle of a training, one of my really excellent students approached me with a frustrated expression. She told me that her absolute heroes, the Eagles were playing in London the very next evening and she had tickets to see them and go backstage. She desperately wanted to go and that also meant missing some of the following days training. She knew that missing part of her course would mean that she couldn’t graduate and she was intolerably torn between two things she dearly wanted in her life. Such was her frustration that she couldn’t think clearly and she looked at me for a response with a fogged expression. All I said was, ‘There is always a way. Please avoid getting stuck in an either/or double bind mode of thinking, you CAN have both, you simply need to discover how.’ She looked at me, rather puzzled and then smiled.

The next day, she left Manchester after the end of the training day and boarded a train to London where she met with her daughter. They had a fabulous evening with the legendary Eagles and stayed in a low cost hotel close to the train station. Next morning she boarded a train back to Manchester and entered the training room with 10 minutes to spare, missing nothing and having achieved everything. She was over the moon at her accomplishment and thanked me for reminding her that there is always a way to get what you desire the most, you simply must take the opportunity and apply action to your plan.

Comfort and progress cannot co-exist.

So, what to do when you find yourself making excuses to keep yourself in your comfort zone or feeling frustrated because you feel you can’t possibly have what you want?

1. Notice that the physical response represents excitement rather than nerves, the two are often confused, as proprioceptively, they feel similar.

2. Say to yourself, ‘There is always a way.’ Sit quietly and meditate on this brief affirmation for a few moments.

3. Take some time to write down your perceived excuses, all the ‘why nots’.

4. Go through each one and write down as many solutions to each excuse as you can. For example: ‘I can’t afford it’ – money can be borrowed, earned, diverted from elsewhere, changed in priority, paid in affordable instalments. Money is rarely the real reason for not getting what you want, although it is the number 1 excuse!

‘I haven’t got the time’ – time is an illusion and a creation of your mind. As time is whatever you believe it is, you can easily manipulate your time to meet your needs. Plans are ultimately flexible and you can change them at any moment of your choosing. In your solution finding, fully exercise your gift of choice, it’s yours to have.

5. Now, select your most compelling solutions and put an action plan in place. Fully execute your plan and give it energy. Your energy will flow where your attention goes, so put all your attention onto being, doing or having what you want to be, do or have. When you put an energetic contribution into the Universe, it will respond with a corresponding result. The more energy you put in, the greater the results you will receive.

6. Notice how good it feels to step outside your comfort zone and how that comfort zone begins to expand exponentially with each new action you take.

7. Embrace the excitement and go for it!

If you have been sitting in your comfort zone, knowing that you want to change something, perhaps boost your career, income, relationships, sporting endeavours and self-belief, by taking your next level of NLP Certification Training, you can empower yourself to leave your reasons and excuses behind, recognise an incredible opportunity and go for it. If you want to change something, you have to change something.

Remember, there is always a way.

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