Time Line Therapy® Explained

March 26, 2024

In our world today, the most common given reasons for absence from work include depression, stress, anxiety, anger and panic attacks or a heady combination of all these conditions.  I work with many clients who present with one or all of these problems, it’s a very real societal issue and one that is commonly misunderstood by family, friends, employers and colleagues.  The clinical solution is through the consistent use of drugs which enable people to function and get on with their lives. Isn’t it true though that drugs mask the problem rather than resolve it, like sticking a plaster over a wound to hide it and knowing that it is still there, underneath?

I would like to offer the postulation that depression, stress, anxiety, anger and panic attacks are not illnesses as such, they are states of mind that can in turn create physiological dis-ease (mis-spelling intentional).

I have met many strong, successful, confident and wonderful people who have unconsciously adopted one of these states of mind and been completely debilitated as a result. Daily life becomes a constant struggle and little bumps in the road seem like mountains of Everest proportions. So why does this happen? Well, with NLP thinking we are not so much concerned with why, we are really interested in HOW this happens. Each individual creates their problems in a unique way and when we fully understand how they do it, then we can assist them in easy and effortless change.

The first piece of understanding you need to embrace is that emotions are important, even the difficult ones. Each emotion you experience is there for a reason, emotions are a call to action, they tell you that you need to do something to challenge your current circumstances or embrace your current circumstances. When you ignore the call, the emotions tend to re-emerge time and time again. Your own unconscious mind wants you to know something and so you should begin to listen. Acknowledging your emotions and then sitting with them quietly to work out what the call to action is can be an excellent way to get in control of your emotional content, live with it and even use it to your benefit.

When you hold on to the memory of old emotions, especially the difficult ones, you begin to experience meta-emotions, feelings about feelings. The thing is, your memories are highly distorted when you recall them into consciousness, they have little baring on what actually occurred back then and how you feel now about how you felt then can be largely inaccurate. When you get stuck in an emotional storm of feelings about feelings, based on the inaccurate memories of old emotions, the tornado of difficult emotions can pull you into a stuck pattern which feels like stress, depression and anxiety. All these experiences are based on your trans-derivational search of past experience and how you feel about it now. You need to clear out your past memories that you view from now as being full of difficult emotions.  


Time Line Therapy® techniques represent a very special area of learning and personal development that forms an integral part of our Enhanced NLP Coach Practitioner Certification Training.  This unique technique is used around the globe by thousands of qualified practitioners who consistently achieve and report their magnificent results.

Time Line Therapy® has three major components:

 Releasing negative emotions about emotions from the past, including anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt

 Removing limiting beliefs and decisions

 Placing a compelling goal into your future and causing it to happen

Many techniques in the personal development and therapeutic profession have mechanisms in place to manage difficult emotions.  The most popular in recent times are Anger Management and Stress Management.  To merely manage an emotion implies that you are going to continue experiencing it, just in a self-controlled way.  Whilst this has its place, it is a bit like placing a plaster over the wound.  It keeps the problem covered up in the hope that it won’t become further infected and that it will eventually heal.  Time Line Therapy® Techniques is different because the negative emotions about negative emotions are actually permanently removed. How you feel now about the memory of old emotions becomes changed.

So, why remove the negative emotions about negative emotions which are emanating from your past?  Some past memories carry with them something which for you is unresolved and incomplete.   The unresolved baggage is the negative emotions that you feel about something that happened in the past which are now residing, without an invitation within your body.  These squatter meta-emotions manifest as an emotional weight attached to certain memories and they still weigh you down as you continue to carry them around. The most common clinical manifestations of this effect are depression, stress, anger and anxiety.

Life happens to all of us and the way we create new mechanisms for coping is to learn from and ascribe meaning to those events which weren’t particularly pleasant or indeed downright awful.  The Time Line Therapy® process enables you to develop new strategies and future proof yourself from similar events, so you react more positively and are more prepared to face life’s challenges head on. All of this is possible without needing to alter your body chemistry with prescribed drugs. You can simply be guided through your active imagination.

Carrying around all your old feelings of frustration, apathy, dissatisfaction, anger, sadness, grief, hurt, guilt, getting irritated when something is happening to you again and putting up with it again, is only going to take its toll on your emotional and mental health.

Many people put up with feeling bad or depressed and don’t even know that the underlying cause of their underperformance is what they are carrying unconsciously inside about their past.  All of those past negative emotions that they experienced and all the limiting decisions about themselves get stored up and filed away, in a self-perpetuating loop, without an exit. Feelings about feelings, circling around you in an unending spiral.

After completing Time Line Therapy® techniques, you actually set in motion a beneficial feedback loop that leads to an even greater level of mental and emotional health.  As you remove the emotional chains of negative emotions accumulated in your body’s memory from past events, you have an easier time dealing with anything life throws at you.  Once you experience freedom from past unresolved negative emotions and you begin to let go of your limiting beliefs and decisions about your own capabilities, life suddenly becomes filled with success and much more fun!

In the short space of 4 to 8 hours, depression, stress, anger and anxiety can be removed you’re your neurology completely, with no drugs involved. Time Line Therapy® Techniques are without question the most powerful tools to deal with depression, anxiety, anger, stress and panic attacks available today.  You can learn and fully experience Time Line Therapy® techniques as part of our Enhanced NLP Coach Practitioner Certification Training and Master Coach Practitioner Training.

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