The NLP Quantum Relationship

June 18, 2024

Quantum thinking using Cartesian Logic is a simple way of thinking that allows you to think circles around other people.

Would it be of value to you to learn another way of thinking that you don’t know right now? Of course. NLP has thinking embedded within it that will enable you to re-shape your reality and open up your model of the world in a multi-dimensional way. Imagine having the thinking and linguistic tools to move a client, friend or family member from inside to outside of their problem, linguistically and have the problem disappear! Can you conceive of solving a problem simply by using well-constructed language? It’s a simple way of thinking that means you can positively reshape any problem quickly and effectively.

Let’s first consider how you create a problem within your neurology. Each problem is the product of a constructed and ordered sequence of internal representations which, when they happen in the required sequence, produce the problem. Your Internal Representations are how you map your reality in your mind. They are constructed of pictures, sounds and feelings and give meaning to the information that you have absorbed from the world through your five senses. The ordered sequence of your internal representations forms your behavioural strategies, which in turn produce your actions. If you change the ordered sequence of your internal representations which describe your problem, you change the meaning of the problem. Without meaning, your problem can no longer exist.

In order to preserve the integrity of a problem, you put boundary conditions around it within your neurology. To traverse those boundaries, you must shift your thinking from inside to outside the boundaries of your problem. If you move your thinking across the boundary conditions sufficiently, the problem will disappear. How interesting! The problem will disappear!

Activating your neural networks within the boundary conditions (by associating into your problem) allows you to move your thinking across the boundaries and into ‘not problem’ and the problem is blown out of your neurology.

Using NLP quantum thinking, you can initiate the inductive movement of thinking from inside to outside the problem. Cartesian logic is just one of the powerful quantum linguistic tools that NLP boasts. Cartesian logic is a simple way of thinking that is different from that of other people, enabling the generation of new ideas and new thinking. The key to well-formed Cartesian logic is that it is plausible, not logical.

Think about it. If you have more ways to consider a problem at your disposal, you automatically have more ways to conceive of a solution to the problem. When you are in your problem, you can’t see anything else, only the problem. Cartesian logic allows you to linguistically move to a position where you can easily consider ‘not problem’ in a multi-dimensional way.

Cartesian Logic is just a way of thinking and consists of four key sectors: Theorem, Inverse, Converse and Non-Mirror Image Reverse.

Using these patterns of thinking, you can linguistically alter the linguistic content of your problem by applying each pattern in turn, just by adding the word ‘not’. Cartesian Logic can be applied to any phrase or sentence, there’s no magic here, although the results appear magical, it’s just a way of thinking.

The new thinking moves you to a position of ‘not problem’ and ‘not problem’ implies resources and a solution. Here we are using principles from calculus and quantum physics to change thinking.

Think of a problem you are currently stuck within and ask yourself these four questions:

What will happen if you get it?

What won’t happen if you get it?

What will happen if you don’t get it?

What won’t happen if you don’t get it?

These questions correspond with each quadrant of the Cartesian Logic grid. It’s not possible for you not to use this even though you haven’t thought of it yet.

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