NLP & Investing In Yourself

January 25, 2024

Today’s blog article is all about investment. When you think of the word ‘investment’, what pictures, sounds, feelings and internal dialogue does it conjure up for you? ISAs, PEPs, savings plans, pension plans, the Stock Market, or something else? The dictionary definition of ‘investment’ is, ‘the investing of money or capital in order to gain profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value.’ Perhaps this is the definition that came to your mind as you think about it now?

Did you know that, when you make a financial investment, as per the definition above, if you get anything from a 2% to a 10% return on that investment, you are considered to have been successful in your quest for financial growth. Now I would like you to switch your thinking to a method of investment that will guarantee you limitless returns, for life! Nobody would reject that sort of return on investment, would they? Yet, that is exactly what you are doing when you choose not to invest in yourself.

You routinely invest large quantities of your hard earned income in big ticket items like houses, cars, home improvements, holidays, all of which are generally necessary for a comfortable life and are wonderful to have and yet their value in real terms decreases over time, as does the gratification and joy you receive from investing in them. The memory of holidays fades, houses and cars get old and need work or replacement, the new décor ceases to be fashionable, and so you invest again.

Whilst these investments are ‘for’ yourself, they are not ‘in’ yourself and are often shared with others, your family for example. When was the last time you made a big-ticket investment ‘in’ yourself, just for you? An investment in yourself will have unlimited returns that will be with you always. Consider the old adage, ‘give a person a fish and they will eat for a day, teach a person to fish and they will eat for life.’ When you know how to think about creating success in your life and how to manifest the life conditions that you dream of, then you can design your future and make it happen for the rest of your precious days on this incredible planet.

Why is it that there is a general feeling of resistance to investing in yourself? Perhaps you consider spending what might be family funds on yourself, selfish, leading you to feelings of guilt, leading to frustration because you are not giving yourself the opportunity to fulfil your true potential? Perhaps someone else tells you that you can’t possibly spend money on yourself because the house needs a new kitchen or the children need new tech? When times are financially tough, investment in self goes directly to the bottom of the must have list. Why? Because investing in your own personal growth, skills, capability, competence, development and potential is intangible, it’s not something you can see, so the financial investment has come to nothing, right? Wrong! The whole point of investing in yourself has been missed.

When times get tough, investing in yourself should be the item that gets elevated to the top of your must have list, because developing yourself is the only way you are going to alter your situation and create stability and growth. If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you always got.

When you unlock your potential and enhance your skill set, embrace your self-belief and let go of everything that holds you back, you immediately create the opportunity to earn more, to create more wealth. Taking real action means that you can create change in your life circumstances rather than wait for circumstances to change, which may not ever happen. By stepping into your personal power and taking hold of life by the scruff of the neck, you can directly and positively impact your lot and lift yourself and your family into financial comfort, creating security and certainty for your future. NLP represents the self-investment that will offer you this  level of return when you invest. Whilst taking a training may seem to be an intangible investment, what you will create from attending that training will be highly tangible and of great value worth far more than that 2 – 10% of your initial investment.

Our past students have recovered 100% of their investment in our trainings and continue to build high-value returns in a very short time following their graduation. Those who began new careers and set up new businesses removed the ceiling on their earning potential and often tripled their income extremely rapidly. Others secured valuable promotions within their organisations and took stuck businesses whose profit line has flattened into an upward trend of profit generation. It all begins with an investment in yourself.

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