Flexible Thinking

April 8, 2021

Strong, agile, supple and creative, these are the powerful properties of a gymnastic mind. The gymnastic mind is a mind that doesn’t conform to externally imposed thinking and that works effectively beyond the boundaries of generic thinking. A gymnastic mind runs circles around problems and somersaults freely without constraint whilst maintaining the discipline of critical thought processes.

Like any sports person who wants to create agility and strength, the gymnastic mind needs to be cultivated through regular and stimulating exercise with a determination that leads to the production of excellence. Mediocrity has no place in the gymnastic mind.

So how can you begin to develop a highly agile and strong gymnastic mind? It is an enormous help if you are coached though the exercise and training process by a coach who has the strength of mind and psychological insight to support you and offer deeply constructive feedback. That’s where NLP enters the arena and stands open and confident for all to admire and respect.

Within the art and science of Neuro Linguistic Programming, we hold a series of convenient assumptions in mind which assist us in our quest for success. One of these assumptions is The Law of Requisite Variety. This simple law states that the person with the most flexibility of mind and behaviour will control the environment they are in and the communications they are part of. Flexibility of thought is key within NLP Practitioner thinking, just like the flexibility of a top gymnast.

So, the first part of your strong and agile coaching is to get rid of everything that constrains your energy and clouds your focus in order to generate a bottomless reservoir of motivation and empowerment. Please consider that everything that has happened in your past that for you is either consciously or unconsciously unresolved will continuously sap your energy until you are ready to release it from your psychology and your physiology. Any significant emotional events from the past that you continue to hold within your neurology are affecting your focus and strength of thought in a negative manner. These affects change your behaviour and so form a significant part of the authorship of your near and distant future. The choreography of your mind and your ability to execute complex and challenging mental movements is severely restricted by negative waves of time coming from the past. Your agility and strength can be easily and rapidly restored by using Time Line Therapy® Techniques to clean up your past and generate a restorative feedback loop which will assist in creating a future of worth and value. Time Line Therapy® is an integral part of our Enhanced NLP Coach Practitioner Certification Training.

A gymnastic mind must also possess outstanding balance. A balanced mind is one which functions without conflict and feels completely congruent. When your mind is balanced, decision making becomes easy and like a balance beam, everything is in total alignment. Your movements and actions are strong and confident and always hit the mark, providing a solid ground to support you as you follow the beam that guides you towards your desired goals. The integration and resolution of conflicts is one of the incredible experiences that you will have as your learn NLP at NLP Practitioner level and learn about yourself.

Your new, athletic mind will be both brave and confident. Sufficiently brave enough to take that leap and create wonderful shapes that astound and impress. Confident that there is no failure, only feedback and that learning is an essential component of growth and development. As coaches of your gymnastic mind, we will assist you in creating confidence, bravery and desire by teaching you how to self-coach. A self-coaching mind is one that can maintain agility throughout life, no matter how old it becomes. We will teach you how to remove all of the beliefs that you hold to be true that limit your success and replace them with empowering new ones. Suddenly and surprisingly, anything becomes possible and you begin to achieve incredible things.

A gymnastic mind with endless available energy, balance, confidence and focus is strong and agile with the elegance and grace of a ballet dancer poised on the slim point of a delegate silk shoe, beautiful to behold and unimaginably strong and powerful. This is the gymnastic mind and you can get your mind competition fit right now and become your champion. We are the coaches that will help you to find your way, give us that role and we will never disappoint you. Join us at our Enhanced NLP Coach Practitioner Certification Training and develop your agile gymnastic mind with Neuro Linguistic Programming.

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