Creating Comfort in Trauma

November 29, 2023

Today, I’d like to chat to you about the effects of traumatic circumstances on your mental and physical health and how you can begin to untangle the complex thought process and emotional content that come hand in hand with those experiences. It’s interesting that the dictionary definition of the word ‘trauma’ is presented in two ways, firstly pathology, ‘a body wound or shock produced by sudden physical injury, as from violence or accident’ and secondly psychiatry, ‘an experience that produces psychological injury or pain’. The truth of the matter is that trauma in the modern world has a wide range of causes which are basically unique to the person experiencing them. Causality leading to ‘trauma’ could be an accident, violence (emotional and physical), bereavement, the effects of war, illness, the breakdown of a relationship or family unit, poverty, business failure, attack, natural phenomena and countless other personal circumstances which lead to what often feels like unresolvable physical and psychological pain and the loss of daily functioning in the new normality.

The psychological results of a traumatic event often present as depression, stress, anxiety and panic attacks or a heady combination of all these conditions which can also lead to states of mind that can, in turn create physiological symptomology and dis-ease (mis-spelling intentional).

When a trauma is experienced you can become utterly debilitated and daily life becomes a constant struggle and little bumps in the road seem like mountains of Everest proportions. Flash backs to the traumatic event are also common and are typically triggered by everyday occurrences. A sight or sound, a touch, a smell or even a taste that have become unconsciously linked to the trauma and are sufficiently powerful to bring the memory of the traumatic event(s) into the present, causing the person to re-live the event over and over again. Other people may completely shut down or mask the emotional content of the trauma by locking it away, somewhere deep in their unconscious mind, where it is left to fester and grow. Everyone, left to their own devices, deals with trauma differently.

How can Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time Line Therapy® Techniques and Hypnotherapy help? NLP understands that everybody thinks and processes their circumstances differently. Unlike other psychological approaches, it doesn’t treat people experiencing trauma in the same way. The internal manifestation of a trauma is unique to every person and when we fully understand how they do it, inside, then we can assist them in a comfortable recovery and return to normal functioning.

Time Line Therapy™ techniques represent a very special area of traumatic healing and are an integral part of our Enhanced NLP Coach Practitioner Certification Training.  This unique technique is used around the globe by thousands of qualified practitioners who consistently achieve and report their magnificent results.  When used in combination with the NLP Fast Phobia Model, the results are, quite frankly, magical.

Many techniques in the personal development and therapeutic profession designed to ‘deal’ with trauma are based upon a principle of acceptance and the installation of new coping strategies that seek to manage the negative emotions associated with the traumatic event. This is most commonly achieved by repeatedly re-visiting and talking about the trauma until such a time as the emotions no longer contain any power over the process of thought. Statistics show that this is rarely achieved to any significant standard. To merely manage emotional content implies that you are going to continue experiencing it, just in a self-controlled way.  Whilst this has its place, it is a bit like placing a plaster over the wound.  It keeps the trauma covered up in the hope that it won’t become further infected and that it will eventually heal.  Trauma release with Time Line Therapy™ Techniques is different because the negative emotions associated with the trauma and the memory of the traumatic event are actually permanently removed.

So, why remove the negative emotions? Past, traumatic memories carry with them something which for you is unresolved and incomplete. The unresolved baggage is the negative emotions that you experienced in the past which are now residing, without an invitation within your body.  These squatter emotions manifest as an emotional weight attached to certain memories and they still weigh you down as you continue to carry them around. The most common clinical manifestations of this effect are depression, stress and anxiety.

The Time Line Therapy® process enables you to develop new strategies and future proof yourself so you react more positively and are more prepared to face life’s challenges head on. All of this is possible without needing to alter your body chemistry with prescribed drugs. Carrying around all your old feelings of fear, anger, sadness, grief, hurt, guilt is only going to take its toll on your emotional, mental and physical health.

Unlike most approaches to treating trauma, Time Line Therapy®, in combination with the NLP Fast Phobia Model, is entirely content free. That means, you won’t be required to re-live the experience or talk about it in the usual way. No snot and tears involved! The techniques we use are dissociative techniques, which means you can remain comfortable as you release the effects of your trauma and you can do so very quickly, with your recovery period being measured in hours rather than months. Applying NLP techniques to the memory of the trauma will also allow you to remove the triggers which set up flashbacks and repeated experiences. This works because any memory you have is encoded and given meaning by the nature of the internal representation of the memory that locks it into place. By intentionally changing that coding and re-mapping the memory, you can change it’s meaning and the associated emotional content.

After completing Time Line Therapy® with your comfortable active imagination, you set in motion a beneficial feedback loop that leads to even greater level of mental and emotional health.  As you remove the emotional chains of negative emotions accumulated in your body’s memory from past events, you have an easier time dealing with anything life throws at you.  Once you experience freedom from past unresolved negative emotions and you begin to let go of your limiting beliefs and decisions about your own capabilities, life suddenly becomes filled with success and much more fun!

In the short space of 4 to 8 hours, your trauma can be removed completely, with no drugs involved. Time Line Therapy™ Techniques are without question the most powerful tools to deal with trauma, rapidly and comfortably. You will become a certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™ techniques when you attend our Enhanced NLP Coach Practitioner Certification Training.

To register for our next Enhanced NLP Coach Practitioner Certification Training, or to book an appointment with one of our coaches and heal your trauma, please complete our contact form or call the office on 016 222 5775 for a chat and to understand more in a way that feels comfortable for you.

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