Advanced Hypnosis

The Advanced Hypnosis Certification Training, expertly delivered by Quest for Success Ltd. We are delighted that you are considering taking your skills and knowledge in the profession of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy to a new and very in-depth level. The training that your Master Trainer of Hypnosis will share with you is a culmination of extensive experience and research in this field. We know that you are going to enjoy the challenge. 

Please understand that this is not a difficult training, it's the content that is advanced. You already know how to expertly use the most challenging approach to Hypnosis, that's the Ericksonian method you learned at your Practitioner training, so please relax about your capability to excel at this training.

The Advanced Training represents a fascinating journey into the more ‘clinical’ aspects of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. Centuries of research and development which has been carefully documented has clearly and irrefutably illustrated that the altered state of hypnotic trance, coupled with powerful and well-formed suggestion and the positive intention of the hypnotherapist, is a deeply effective catalyst for healing. Whilst we, as advanced hypnotherapists, never claim to have healing powers, we can certainly relieve symptomology and open the door to self-healing on the part of our clients. Working in this way cracks open a whole new market for you to integrate into your business portfolio.

The world contains wondrous variety, no two people are exactly the same and so one size never fits all when it comes to hypnotherapy and coaching with hypnosis. Over the course of this training, you will learn many more proven ways to induce trance and provide solutions for your clients. We aim to fill up your hypnosis toolkit so that you have the most effective approach for each and every client that you attract, and you will attract them so be ready.

You will master the art of assisting your clients to resolve problems which have a source which is so unconscious that it is unspeakable, impossible to describe linguistically. Using controlled and ecological hypnotic regression and ideodynamic signalling, you will assist your clients to discover hidden root causes in a safe manner and have them create positive solutions for their future. You will become an expert of holding linguistic exchanges with your client during their trance state to discover and integrate solutions. You will be delighted with your results.

It’s all new and totally fascinating. You will learn all of these advanced techniques and of course, have lots of time to practice and experience each one.Expand what you know and have the perfect approach for every client.

Advanced Hypnosis

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