NLP Practitioner Certification Training On-Line

Earn your ABNLP accredited NLP Practitioner Certification On-line, in the comfort of your own home and in your own time. Relaxing learning!

You can access our On-line NLP Practitioner Certification Programme on your phone, tablet or laptop or desktop PC and take the training in your own environment by accessing our audio-visual materials.

We have eight incredible and detailed training modules for you to watch and listen to so that you can evolve your thinking into that of a truly professional, certified practitioner of NLP. This certification qualifies you to practice NLP professionally as a member in good standing of the ABNLP, the largest NLP regulatory body in the world.

Here are the incredible modules that you will undertake:

Module 1: Orientation
Module 2: Foundation Skills
Module 3: Mastery of Language 1
Module 4: Mastery of Language 2
Module 5: Rapid Behavioural Change
Module 6: Emotional Control
Module 7: Mastering Strategies
Module 8: The Business of NLP

The content you will learn mirrors the first 4 days of our face to face 8 day Enhanced NLP Coach Practitioner Certification Training exactly. 

We have kept this training at a very low investment to ensure that it is accessible to all. As part of the investment in yourself you will receive:

• Access to 8 on-line, audio-visual training modules.
• Tasks and exercises to undertake and submit to integrate your learning, including feedback from your trainer and 4 live coaching calls.
• An electronic copy of the manual for the training.
• An electronic copy of the slide pack.
• An invitation to attend any of our future face to face NLP Practitioner Trainings FREE!

How does it work?

When you register for the ABNLP accredited NLP Practitioner Certification Training On-line, you will gain access to 8 on-line training modules created and delivered by Master Trainer of NLP Christine Dawson. After each training module, you can then complete the tasks set for you by your trainer. You will complete the tasks and send them to your trainer for review and feedback. At the end of the training you will be required to submit a test which will show us that you have understood all the content of the training. In addition, on completion you will receive certification as a Practitioner of NLP and this opens the door for you to apply for Practitioner level Membership of the ABNLP!

What is the difference between this training and the face to face 8-day training?

The 8-day face to face training offers certification in 4 disciplines: NLP, Time Line Therapy®, NLP Coaching & Hypnosis. The on-line training gives you certification in NLP only. If you choose to, you can complete the other certifications face to face at a later date.

What Will I Need?

• A smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop device.
• A good internet connection.
• Someone who you can do the exercises with (any age above 7)
• The ability to record your exercises visually and auditorily. A video created on a Smart Phone is fine.
• A WhatsApp account, Dropbox or a YouTube account so that we can access your recordings.
• An active email address.

NLP creates empowerment and empowerment is the key to your success both now and in the future. We guarantee that once learned, you will use something from NLP everyday of your life. You may choose to make some transformational changes too!

NLP Practitioner Certification Training On-Line

What Our Clients Say

“It was the most incredible experience! The delivery was very precise to the requirement. Thank you!”


“The most challenging and amazing two weeks of my life. You will learn so many techniques and processes that can be useful in so many aspects of your life.”


“This is my third course with Quest for Success and every time I’m amazed at the quality and skills.”


“I’d recommend Christine as a trainer. She is able to adapt the information in a very individualised learning approach.”


“It’s been absolutely enlightening! I’d encourage anybody to complete any of the Quest for Success courses. Christine has got absolute professionalism in every single element.”

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