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Our services

NLP Training Schedule

Experience the pinnacle of NLP Training by attending a Quest for Success Ltd course, held throughout the year.

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NLP Practitioner Training

Learning the thought processes and techniques used by some of world’s most excellent leaders, champions, teachers.

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NLP in Business

Our NLP for Business Excellence Courses have been mindfully crafted to present an extraordinary approach to performance in business.

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Welcome to Quest for Success

Welcome to the Quest for Success Ltd website.  You’ve arrived here because you have a personal practical objective. You want to create something or change something and you know that a new way of thinking can assist you to achieve it.



You are absolutely right! NLP is a very flexible and versatile model of new thinking which explores the secrets of human nature. When you think about your world in a new way, look at it differently, then reality will begin to transform.  NLP is indeed a totally unique learning experience which builds on a foundation of the original content and weaves in threads of innovative contemporary thinking and application.

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  • Intensive NLP Practitioner Certification Training

    8 Days - 4 Certificates
  • Early Booking – £1595

  • Standard – £1995

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  • Intensive NLP Master Practitioner Certification© Training

    14 Days - 4 Certificates
  • Early Booking – £2595

  • Standard – £2995

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  • Exclusive One to One Intensive NLP Practitioner Certification Training

    8 Days - 4 Certificates
  • 8 Days – £9000

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  • Personal Breakthrough Workshop

    A Day of Discovery
  • 1 Days – £50

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  • NLP for Business Certification

  • 5 days – £995

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  • Hypnosis Trainer Training

  • Early Booking – £2000

  • Standard – £2500

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* For details of the Early Booking deadlines and easy payment options, please call the office on 0161 222 5775.