Working with the 6th Sense

As human beings, we process our world through our 5 senses; our sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. The information that enters our neurology every second of every day through our senses is manipulated and transformed within our minds to create what we know as reality. This is how we survive in our modern, highly sensory society. It wasn’t always so. Our ancient ancestors survived a far harsher environment than we know now by utilising an innate six sense that we have long since abandoned. Call it energy, universal connection, soul, spirituality, heightened empathic ability, ESP, only certain trained individuals now make full use of this forgotten sense.


The horse, on the other hand, continues to ensure survival and safety by making full use of their sixth sense, which supports their ‘fight or flight’ instincts. What man has lost, the horse uses every second of the day to ward against danger. It is only when we begin to recognise and embrace this 6th sense that we can truly, deeply connect with the majestically creature that is the horse.


Before we can fully engage with the horse’s sixth sense, we first need to awaken some of the elements of the sense in ourselves, understand how the sense operates within us and then learn to work with it. Only then can we really connect.


The first step towards re-activating our latent sense is to learn how to notice our emotional state and then learn how to control it. Heightened emotion subsumes everything else within our physiology whilst it is active. To develop our sixth sense, we must first reach a point of emotional neutrality at both the conscious and unconscious level. How many times have you presented a calm and relaxed exterior to the world, whilst feeling in emotional turmoil inside? Just like the swan, serene and elegant above the water line and paddling like crazy to stay afloat beneath. True emotional neutrality can only be obtained through learning how and utilising the tools that NLP provides us


Secondly, we must be emotionally ‘clean’. This means shedding all of those experiences from the past with negative emotional content, just letting them go. Remember, that a significant proportion of your life is ‘not horse’ and you bring that with you to the stable yard every time you visit. Your horses 6th sense re-lives all of your negative emotion. Imagine that, experiencing someone else’s negativity, what would you do with it? I bet your behavior would change for sure! Cleaning up past events so that they no longer have an adverse impact on now is easy using Creating Your Future® Coaching techniques. I recently heard a relevant story which I would like to share with you


The story is about a lady in the USA who is a Master Practitioner of NLP and the owner of an American Cow Horse. After struggling to really connect as a partnership for several years and many dangerous rides and falls, something different was required. One evening, she entered the stable and gently wrapped her arms around the horse, placing her cheek against his neck. Closing her eyes, she used her Creating Your Future® techniques to do two key things. Firstly, she used her Time Line to remove the limiting decision that both horse and rider had made not to trust each other. As the decision was released, the woman let out a sigh and the horse lowered his head and gave a low sigh too. Next, the lady used her Time Line to let go of the emotion of fear that they both felt when working as a team. As the fear released, the horse began to lick and chew with his head close to the ground. From that moment, everything about their relationship was transformed. They are now winning their western classes and enjoying a mutually respectful and joyful partnership. So NLP is not just for us humans!


To build a strong connection with our horses, we must engage their 6th sense with our own and foster trust, safety and love. NLP has all of the tools that show us how to work on a new level with a sense that we have long since left behind, but which still remains disconnected and untapped within our human potential. We can show you how to awaken what has been lost.