Why enter into the NLP experience?

Are your goals, dreams and aspirations important to you?  If you could learn how to add clarity to your thinking and achieve any goal, would that change your life? Would you find value in creating your own optimum performance through self-coaching, while mastering the art of effective communication? If you knew how to heal, nurture and grow all of your relationships, would your life be simpler and happier?  Do you have a practical objective to change something in your life in order to have what you really want?  If so, then you can.


Learning the thought processes and techniques used by some of world’s most excellent leaders, champions, teachers, trainers and coaches will open up the secrets of their success.  Your quest begins now.


What will I learn as I study?


The Foundations and Philosophy of NLP

The origins of NLP and how the thinking has grown from then to now.

Empowering new beliefs that will change the way you view your subjective experience of your reality.

To take control of your thinking through the freedom of choice and embrace your personal power.

A simple communication model that will enable you to always get your message across in the way you intended.

Discover and take control of the powerful mind-body connection.

The Key to Achieving Your Goals

How to consider and write your goals and importantly, how to consistently transform them into reality.

A simple question set that enables us to get very clear and specific about our desired outcomes and objectives.

To create your perfect future through inspirational goal setting.

That a goal that is in your head is still a dream.

Representing our World Internally

Discover how we form complex internal representations of our environment through our five senses.

Recognise how people represent their world, enabling you to communicate, persuade, negotiate and influence elegantly and effectively.

To match another person’s internal representation to create deep rapport and understanding.

Flexibility of language with a linguistic approach to suit every occasion.

Reading eye movements to discover how people are thinking, how they decide, learn, recall, in fact all of their thinking processes.

Communicating Effectively with Rapport

Quickly connect with someone at the unconscious level, creating openness and trust.

Heal, nurture and grow your relationships.

Notice what you never noticed before and discover the real secrets to physiological change in communication.

Enhance your sensory acuity and lean the process of matching and mirroring in an elegant way.

Use your language and your voice to build rapport rapidly over the telephone.

Elegantly disagree with others and get your point across while still maintaining great rapport.

The Building Blocks of your Thinking – Sub Modalities

How to use and control the language of your mind.

Discover how we represent our deepest beliefs internally and how to rapidly change those that limit us.

Use the structure of submodalities to change unwanted and unhelpful feelings and behaviours about everyday things.

Use swish pattern techniques to rapidly break patterns of unwanted habits and behaviours in particular contexts.

The Fast Phobia Model, removing deeply held phobias and the results of past traumatic experience quickly and easily.

The Mastery of Language

Precise, elegant and effective language patterns for practical daily use.

Use the language patterns modelled on the past masters of communication, Dr. Milton Erickson and Virginia Satir.

Use language patterns to gain greater acceptance of your message in all areas of life

Questions techniques that get you the information you need for win-win outcomes.

How to achieve sales with eloquent language and a highly effective process framework, overcoming objections with deep rapport, honesty and trust intact.

Know how to ask the key question that will get to the very foundation of a problem.

Listen between the lines and listen to what hasn’t been said to gain complete understanding.

Break down internal barriers to success with powerful conversational techniques.

Negotiate with elegance and gain rapid agreement.

The Power of Stimulus Response through Anchoring

Build your personal resources and access them whenever you need them.

Maintain positive and helpful emotional states at all times.

Immediate state control, in any context.

Collapse anchors to remove any negative behaviours or states.

Create new strategies with powerful chaining of resources to get people out of ‘stuck’ states like procrastination.

Personal alignment and Congruence with Parts Integration

Identify and resolve internal conflict and release vast amounts of energy.

Gain congruence, balance, alignment and clarity.

Make the decision process easier and complete.

Think with one voice, feeling assured and confident.

Strategies Create all of our Behaviour

Discover what someone does in their head when they do what they do.

Elicit and utilise decision-making strategies.

Discover how your customer’s decide to buy and develop your engagement process to precisely fit their strategy.

Remove unhelpful strategies e.g. Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, and install more helpful ones.

New, simple strategies for learning and spelling.

Communicating Your Ideas to Groups

Discover how to communicate and elicit change through storytelling and metaphor.

How to format your content so that it engages every member of your audience.

Starting to speak with charisma.

Influencing the state of your audience with storytelling and rapport.

An Introduction to Hypnosis

Discover the language of Ericksonian Hypnosis.

Confidently explain the truths and misconceptions about hypnosis.

Experience total relaxation.

Creating Your Future® with your Powerful Time Line

Discover how you relate to time and how to work with your Time Line.

Discover the root cause of any presenting problem which has its origins in past experience and that you carry with you now.

Learn how to easily release any negative emotion or limiting belief that is preventing you from moving forward and achieving your goals.

Experience the release of negative emotions yourself.