What Happens At Master Prac?

Many of you have asked this very question, so I thought that this would be a great time to tell you more.


Well, if you thought the learning at Practitioner level was amazing, prepare to be completely blown away!


NLP Master Practitioner training propels your skills and your thinking to a whole new level in a quantum leap and I really do mean quantum! 


At the beginning of the first week, you will be given the opportunity to choose a piece of wood and you will choose the piece of wood which is perfect for you because you will instinctively know which board was meant for you.  This simple square of one inch thick pine will represent the most important slice of nature you have ever been privileged to hold.  The wood is both metaphorically and physically important to your Master Practitioner journey in three major ways.  Firstly, your board is your metaphorical vessel which carries your goals and the barriers which the universe sends to test how much you want your goals.  Secondly, it will teach you the life skills of modelling, the discovery which was present at the very birth of NLP.  Thirdly and most magically, it will prove to you that it doesn’t exist, challenging your belief systems to the max.  You will carry the board with you for the whole of the first week and then, on the final day, you will smash through your barriers and self-imposed limitations, by breaking the board with a one inch punch through the process of modelling.  This is a life turning point for many, it certainly was for me!


Language takes centre stage during the first week of Master Practitioner Training.  At Practitioner Training, we taught you all of the base skills and techniques which form the foundation of a solid set of competencies.  Building on the solid foundation is the Master Practitioner learning, when you start to think for yourself and create your own new approaches and there are no limits to the innovation that can be brought into existence.  Quantum Physics is the school of physics which is not classical, and widely accepted physics.  Quantum Linguistics is new linguistic thinking which is not classically accepted as language structure and form.  By creating intricate quantum sentence structures, you will quickly bypass the critical faculty barrier and access the unconscious to create change in others purely through the words that you say and the order in which your client hears them.  Many of the techniques you studied at Practitioner can be delivered linguistically with stunning effect and we will show you how.


A major revelation during week one is the discovery of values and values level thinking.  Values are one of our most unconscious filters and shape our behaviour and attitudes.  Working with values and values levels opens up a plethora of NLP Coaching opportunities and the ability to discover the deepest motivators and drivers of your client and to assist them in awakening new values thinking in an extremely transformative way.  Coaching without values level thinking is a missed opportunity and a skill which will launch your coaching abilities to a whole new platform.


Remember Meta Programmes from your Practitioner Test?  During week one we will demonstrate how you can make use of Meta Programmes, discovering the deepest unconscious filters your client uses, and revealing life preferences that they didn’t know they had.  Light bulb moments abound as we realise why our life has taken the path it has and why we behave and react the way we do and anything that isn’t useful, we can change.


Your own modelling project is your task to complete during the time which seperates weeks one and two.  You will have great fun modelling the skills of an expert of your choosing and then teach that skill to the group when you come back together for the second week of your training.  Great fun is had by all and you get to learn lots of new skills.  Examples of skills people have modeled for Master Practitioner include; drawing, marshall arts, chi gung, tai chi, speed stacking, musical instrument playing, dance, singing, painting, flower arranging, yoga, golf putting, the list goes on. 


The second week of Master Prac is focused on hearing how to progress your NLP Coaching, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis technique to Master level.  This powerful combination of learning provides all of the ingredients for you to create a Personal Breakthrough Session.  A breakthrough session is a bespoke intervention which creates the opportunity for your client to remove everything that limits them, in a single day.  You will learn how take a detailed personal history and thereby to blend all of your learning to create a bespoke cocktail of such value that it should be forged of platinum and encrusted with the clearest of diamonds.  Working with a partner of your choice, you will both deliver and receive a Personal Breakthrough Session, each lasting a full day.  One day you will be the Master Practitioner, the next you will be the client, working on real issues from the deepest corners of your unconscious mind.  This is a real client situation and the most valuable product in your coaching toolkit and your first testimonial as a Master Practitioner.  Graduates are achieving £1500 – £2500 per breakthrough session, you don’t have to do much math to understand that selling just two of these sessions will pay for your training!


New learning and thinking of stratospheric proportions await you.  If you are serious about becoming an empowered and powerful person, with self-confidence and motivation and if you are serious about creating abundance in your life and that of others, then Master Practitioner is for you!