The Secrets of Powerful Presenting 

A Practical Transformation of Your Presentation Skills Using NLP


Have you ever attended a presentation or training given by a really excellent public speaker and thought, ‘How do they do that? What’s different about them? I wish I could be that confident and entertaining when speaking in public, I wonder what their secret is?’


Imagine for a moment.  You stand on the platform, waiting for the audience to shuffle into silence.  You look out at all of the faces before you as they wait with great expectation to hear what you have to say.  The silence is audible.  You feel comfortable, relaxed, confident and energised as you begin to speak.  Your closing comments bring the crowd to their feet and applause echoes of the walls.  As your audience begin to disperse, you find yourself surrounded by smiling faces, each one waiting to shake your hand and to tell you that yours was the best presentation or training they have ever experienced.


Just a pleasant dream?  It is a totally possible reality for you.  Everyone has the capability to become a powerful, charismatic and entertaining presenter or trainer.  The secrets of how are now revealed in this inspiring, high impact, interactive course.



Public speaking is currently one of the top 5 major phobias in the world today.  Many people have a total, irrational fear of speaking in front of others, which limits them in both their careers and social lives.  There are many public speaking courses offered, so what makes this one different?


The difference is that we know what makes the difference.  Using the attitudes and techniques from NLP, you will not only let go of your anxiety and fear around speaking in public, you will become such a powerful presenter that your audiences will be blown away by your talent.


You can learn as many ‘tricks of the trade’ as you like, if you are not beginning from a foundation that tackles your stage fright and allows you to be comfortable being you in front of an audience, then your investment will be wasted.  We are able to help you to be comfortable being you.  Simply learning the secrets dissolves most people’s fear of speaking in public instantly.  If any scrap of anxiety remains, you will have full access to one to one coaching to remove it forever.


You may be new to presenting and training, or you may have been doing it for some time.  You may know NLP, or not.  Whatever your experience level, The Secrets of Powerful Presenting will provide you with masterful skills and techniques which will completely transform your presentations.


The Secrets of Powerful Presenting is a practical 3-day course.  At the end of these three very enjoyable and challenging days, you will have learned all the secrets of being confident and at ease when speaking in public, how to be comfortable being your charismatic self, with the full attention of your entire audience who will feel entertained as well as informed.


You will learn how to prepare yourself to deliver the presentation and, just as importantly, how to prepare your audience to receive your message.  You will develop the skills necessary to involve your whole audience in your presentation, whilst remaining in total control throughout.


We will explore:


How to adopt the internal belief patterns and attitudes of a powerful presenter.

How to understand the psychology of response to grab attention and keep it.

How to become calm, confident and centered.

How to really connect with your whole audience.

How to utilise your language for the most impact.

How to deal with ‘difficult audiences’.

How to design and use stories and metaphor to engage your audience.

How to access your audience’s unconscious minds.

How to own your platform and use your space to the best effect.

How to elicit useful states in your audience and anchor them elegantly.

How to construct your presentation in a way that will engage and satisfy the learning requirements of everyone in the audience.

How to be comfortable being you in front of an audience.