The Mystical Magic of Time

The transformational results we achieve using the proven, tried and tested technique of Time Line Therapy® are so truly amazing that they can seem almost mystical in nature.


It’s true, the results are extraordinary and the magic is based upon a solid foundation of theory, science and practical, experimental development.


The creation of Time Line Therapy® in the 1980’s has definitely earned Dr. Tad James the epithet of NLP Legend. Tad discovered some incredible learning about how negative emotions are stored in the body and how to get rid of them and Time Line Therapy® was welcomed into being. After 4 years of intense research and another 10 of detailed experimentation, we were gifted the technique we know today.


Tad is very clear that he wants the techniques he created to remain ‘clean’. To this end, he set up the Time Line Therapy Association to protect the techniques and to ensure that only those properly trained to use the techniques can operate as Practitioners across the globe.


Time Line Therapy® is unique in the world of personal development in that it allows someone to remove negative emotions, remove limiting decisions and put goals into their future and cause them to actuate. All this from a technique which is simple and comfortable, almost magical!


At Quest for Success, we share Tad’s desire to keep these amazing techniques clean and precise. As a Certified Institute of Master Time Line Therapy, we offer a dedicated 3 day course to really understanding the techniques and how to apply them.


Here are some examples of what you can achieve with Time Line Therapy®:


Remove depression.

Remove anxiety.

Remove sadness.

Remove anger.

Remove fear.

Remove hurt.

Remove guilt.

Remove any negative emotion stored within the body.

Remove limiting decisions and limiting beliefs.

Eliminate the negative emotion from past traumatic experiences (including accidents and PTSD).

Connect with powerful resources.

Manage chronic pain.

Place a compelling goal into your future and cause it to happen.


When Time Line Therapy® is blended with NLP and Hypnosis, the results are the most powerful and effective interventions for change available in the personal development profession today.