The Body has a Mind of its Own

The Body has a Mind of its Own

Health and Healing with NLP Technology


Scientific research proved long ago that the mind and body have an indivisible connection which, through loops of continuous feedback, maintains our physiological and psychological health and wellbeing.  Advances in medical science have produced some incredible steps forward in understanding our physiology and the dis-ease that seeks to manipulate it, whilst the understanding of the psychological component is still very much a secondary consideration.


As NLP, Time Line Therapy™ and Hypnosis have been blended and practised across the globe over the last 40 years, it has become very clear that, by working with the mind, we can also initiate a quite extraordinary phenomenon within our physiology.  Experience had indicated that when we hold negative emotions within our neurology, blockages to our healing energy are created and dis-ease is quick to follow.


As Practitioners and Master Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis, we strive to do everything we can to increase the health of both ourselves and our clients.  We believe that we can do this by paying full attention to the whole person, rather than looking rather mechanistically at the collection of parts that make up the human body.  The holistic approach to true health can be related to 6 major elements:


Our mental processes

Our emotions and decisions

Our physical body

The brain

Our external behaviour

The spiritual part of us (according to individual belief systems)


We use our blended approach, consisting of a skilful combination of NLP, Time Line Therapy® and hypnosis to address our mental processes, our emotions and decisions and our external behaviour, generated within the part of our brain that we call the mind, which creates change within the physical body.  Our spiritual health, whilst assisted by NLP thinking, is rather beyond the remit of our Practitioner and Master Practitioner content, although at Master Practitioner level, we do share some rich meditations with you, taken from the Ancient Hawaiian art of Huna.


Removing negative thinking and emotion from the body, releases our natural healing energy and allows our body, under the protection of our powerful unconscious mind, to heal itself, without the requirement for drugs.  Countless medical trials have demonstrated that ‘the placebo effect’ is very real.  If a patient believes that they are receiving a ground breaking new miracle cure, then they heal, such is the power of your thinking process.


Discovering a healing power from within gives us the freedom to choose to take drugs or not.  Blended with the professional advice of nutritionists and fitness experts, we can approach our wellbeing and that of our clients holistically.  We have even experienced some quite wonderful examples of healing energy being released during our Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis courses.  One lady, who had been unable to feel any sensations down one of her legs, caused by an accident some years ago, actually began to feel tingling sensations and later more normal sensations where there had previously been none, after two days of working with Time Line therapy® and two days of Hypnosis.


It is important that as Practitioners of NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis, we take an ethical approach to holistic health.  We are not ‘healers’ and don’t heal anyone, we can assist clients to alleviate their symptomology thought the mechanism of the mind-body connection as part of a wider, holistic approach in partnership with experts in other fields.


Time line Therapy® techniques play a very active role in creating and releasing natural healing energies and we explore this philosophy in-depth during our Master Practitioner course.  You will also learn some of the newest additions to the programme, including the highly effective Pain Paradigm, a model for dealing with sneezing allergies and advanced pendulum techniques.  The mind-body connection is very real and you can learn to harness its power.