Success for Richard

My NLP Journey by Richard Searson

Life is one long journey, a journey made up of experiences, events, challenges, excitement and dare I say at times disappointment. All these things pour into our worlds and we process them, but as you know, in a very and unique way.


I left school in 1980, the summer after the winter of discontent, Mrs T had come to power and despite leaving without many formal qualifications, and with Pink Floyd “we don’t need no education” playing in the background I felt then optimistic, however not sure why. After all my teachers had in their words “written me off” a slacker, unable to learn – to name a few comments! Soon I ended up working in a shop (like my father did) selling electrical items. As the career service said “your cut out for retail, just like your father” there is no blame here I hasten to add – they were doing the best they could with the resources they had. I met the human “tick-box” approach.


So why have I told you this? To show how social conditioning plays a big part in our worlds. To look at what inhibits us and how perhaps it can stop or certainly delay what is possible. As we race up my time line, I knew there had to be something else, something better, bigger, brighter.


qfsThe potential in me was seen and I managed to land a national role in Learning and Development in a large well known charity. I met some very interesting people and my own self-learning discovery began. I became fascinated in personal development. A colleague recommended I attended The Forum which was a 3 day intensive look at self. It was good but I wanted something else. I then attended a couple of introductory sessions on NLP, now that looked, smelt, felt and sounded interesting! I wanted to become a practitioner however work denied my request saying it was a waste of money and debasement of psychology. I was amused by this and bided my time. Studying to be a Coach & Mentor with the CIPD was the alternative, ok a professional qualification and recognised. However the driver for me was NLP. I continued to coach at work and really enjoy the results that occurred. I was still sure NLP would add to my toolkit and sum!


I managed to crack the deal of the century in 2008. This was it, my chance to become an NLP Practitioner! Work had changed its viewpoint (mostly because the psychologist who denied the last request had retired!) so I attended, learning wonderful new things about you, me and I. Using the techniques almost immediately in the workplace, more subtly at home. The power of the unconscious mind was beginning to grow on me.


So what was the life plan I had put on my paper that I really wanted to achieve? Yes to be my own boss. So what stopped me then? Social pressures, the doubting Thomas’s, the strong driver that you must work for someone else as that is what you do! However with the mantra “If you always do what you have always done, you will always get what you have always got” running, something had to change.


2011 arrived, the year of change, the year that made the difference! I really believe that events, both positive and negative happen for a reason, and as long as you take the learning from them you become a better and wiser person. After 22 years working for major charities the “R” word was given, you are no longer required. At the same time I developed chest pain, some may say it was the stress!


I soon discovered that I was very close to not being here at all. The medics, cardiac team and nurses did what they do best. They performed a very tricky angioplasty and insertion of two large stents into my heart. I was awake during the procedure. NLP techniques were used and they worked so very well. For the medics too well! They called me back from the wonderful place I created with the power of my unconscious mind! One of them said “Are you OK Sir?” My response was “Ive had better days” this caused much need laughter in the room.


I knew that I didn’t need telling twice, things have changed and I will no longer allow the change to happen to me, but be the instigator of change for me. I wanted to complete my NLP Master Practitioner Training and this was an ideal time to do it. I left work for the last time with such a positive feeling inside and embarked on my Masters Training with Quest for Success. Giving me new ways to use NLP in such a smooth way, the course was extraordinary, life changing. It was so right to do this and the new learnings I achieved were amazing and gave me the added value to finally fulfill my dream and create Phoenix Coaching on the 1st December 2011.


“He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened” Lao Tzu

So here we are, 30 years on from leaving school, 30 years of amazing learnings, and the future ahead, doing what I do the best, empowering others to be the best, coaching them to release their full potential. Phoenix Coaching is only 6 months old and I have already secured my first corporate coaching contract. The differentiator that I believe won me the contract over my competitors, NLP!


I hope you enjoyed sharing my journey and I will leave you with this final thought, if things in life become tough – never give up, go round, go over, go under but never give up.


Thanks for reading.