Releasing a lifetime of trauma with Time Line Therapy

As experienced practitioners of NLP, we are often confronted with a wide range of different presenting problems, it’s what keeps our work exciting and interesting and it’s also what enables us to continue to learn and grown as practitioners of excellence.


After all of the years that I have been working one to one with clients, I’m still delighted when I’m presented with a new problem to challenge my thinking and to allow my curiosity and desire to experiment a creative outlet.


A new opportunity to assist someone to create the future that they really want rather than cope with the one they have.  A friend of mine recently referred a friend of hers to me. A really lovely lady who has lived with Hirsutism all of her life.


Hirsutism is a condition experienced by 1 in every 10 women. The condition causes excessive hair growth on the face, arms and body of women. The hair is thicker and darker than that found with those who don’t have the condition and is more similar to male hair growth. Clearly, this is an unpleasant condition for any woman to have to manage. Cosmetically, my client manages the condition very well. In fact, when I first met her, I was very surprised as I couldn’t see any evidence of unusual facial or bodily hair. It wasn’t until she began to describe the daily routine of shaving, waxing, the careful application of cosmetics that I really began to understand the extreme impact that the condition has on her daily life. That wasn’t the problem though, she is good at that and used to having it as part of her routine. The problem was bullying.


All of her life, from being a small child in infant school right up until today, she has been bullied and made to feel different. The word she used was ‘freak’. Imagine, being in your 50’s and still being bullied at work because of the way you look!


The detailed personal history (a process that you will learn at Master Practitioner Training) pulled out a lifetime of verbal emotional abuse and bullying. The result, my client felt that she was merely existing in this life rather than actively participating in it. She had no social life to speak of and has never had an intimate relationship. When we explored that, the outcome was the simple belief of ‘I don’t like myself.’ She couldn’t even say the words, ‘love myself’.


Completing all of the necessary pre-framing, my client released all of her negative emotion from her past using Time Line Therapy™ Techniques. This had the effect of putting her back into the world and allowed her to project positivity about herself rather than reflecting the weight of countless years of negativity. Next, we removed the limiting belief around ‘I don’t like myself’. Hearing the words from her, ‘I like who I am’, was an amazing step forward.  During the next session, she told me stories of how she is now dealing with the bullies and allowing their comments to dissolve out of consciousness as if they were never there because they didn’t matter. She looked so much brighter and has so much more energy for life.


Of course, my curiosity doesn’t stop there! Remember that one of the Prime Directives of the unconscious mind is to run the body and that it holds the blueprint of perfect health. With this concept firmly in mind, I will work with my client to positively affect the physical problem. More about how we get on at a later date!