NLP Education

Practical Applications of NLP

NLP has been around for the last 40 years and many people understand some of the content of NLP learning and have seen it used with amazing results. What the majority of people who are aware of NLP struggle with is the practical application of NLP to their own life contexts. So, we‘ve put together an informative article to assist the understanding of how NLP can be immediately incorporated into everyday life, we answer the question, “What can NLP do for me?”


NLP in Business


The challenges facing large and small, public and private sector businesses today are many and varied. The complexities of internal operation and the pressures of an external economic environment often mask the simple solution to business success. Excellent companies and excellent business people share a common skill, excellent communication.


A business that understands how to communicate with its staff and its customers is a successful business and it’s the one thing that seems to be neglected and that most businesses get wrong. The learning embroidered within NLP presents a rich picture of how individuals and organisations alike can shift their thinking to become masters of communication and enhance their performance and therefore their success and profitability.


NLP thinking can be employed across every area of business activity. Here are some compelling examples:


Sales – Using NLP within the sales process makes it easy for customers to buy. No hard sell, just great customer relationships that will endure. It doesn’t matter if you sell face to face or over the telephone, the NLP sales process works.


Staff/Management relationships –  If you want to engage and receive the support and commitment of your workforce, communication is the key.


Presentation Skills – Make presentations and pitches engaging, full of charisma and compelling for every member of the audience. More importantly, deliver them with confidence and self-belief.

Communication – For yourself and your colleagues. Shift the culture of your business.


Recruitment – Get the right person into the right job, every time.


Building Teams – Build teams that share the same values with diversity of skills to offer a rich and productive group.


Negotiating and Influencing – Communication is the key.


A business succeeds and fails on the strength of its people. You are your business, so it is crucial that you and your team are able to produce optimum performance, 100% of the time. The recipe for performing well combines a number of ingredients. Confidence, self-belief, clarity of thought, focus, direction, vision, alignment and congruence, energy, positivity and good health are all necessary components in creating excellence. The new thinking within NLP provides all of these essential ingredients. Firstly, create excellence for yourself, then you can assist your teams to create the same excellence, with aligned purpose and values, to generate a feast of abundance and prosperity for all.


NLP in Coaching


The elegant blending of NLP and Coaching Practice is one of our specialities. We assist our students to weave vibrant and colourful threads of ethical and transformational NLP thinking into the rich tapestry of coaching to produce a vision that is so compelling and resonant that success is guaranteed.


To dip your toe in the waters of NLP learning is to experience a step change in your personal development and a landscape of new possibilities for your clients. Our training methods, delivered in a safe and supportive environment, are so effective that you will soon be swimming with confidence. It rings true that an expansion of thinking and an opening up of the boundaries between the conscious and unconscious minds, will blow a gentle and refreshing breeze through your coaching practice and create something extraordinary.


Adding the distinctiveness of NLP to your coaching approach will enable you to be the coach whose head and shoulders rise above the rest, in what is a very competitive market place. Your thinking will be highly developed in a very special way and you will become confident in the use of some amazing techniques which will launch your clients forward towards their goals.


The language of NLP is precise and eloquent and you will discover how hard you can shake the boundaries of a client’s problems with language alone. Using the elegance of re-framing, metaphor and logical levels of language, you will watch your clients make incredible transformations right before your eyes. You will learn to listen between the lines of your client’s language and hear what’s not being said, the deeper structure of their thinking. Your already wonderful coaching intelligence will be deepened and you will understand new things.


Imagine that your client is bumping up against a barrier constructed of limiting beliefs, internal conflict and negative emotions, as they travel towards their goals. We will guide you to a point where you can assist your client to not only break through the road block, they will remove it completely, leaving the path clear to continue their journey towards their goals.


NLP in Personal Development

Life can be both rewarding and challenging, sometimes perfect and sometimes extremely difficult. Whether you are building on success or striving to cope with the more demanding events in life, NLP will assist you to break down barriers and improve motivation and focus.


Imagine a whole week of learning, focussed entirely on you, your goals and aspirations. Through stimulating and thought-provoking training, we will support you in creating and achieving your most aspirational goals and help you to develop strategies to enable you to get through the difficult times, positively and effectively.


Transform yourself while you learn:

Set and achieve compelling and inspirational goals.

Create wonderful, strong relationships.

Remove Depression, Anxiety and Stress easily and effortlessly.

Remove Phobia and unhelpful habits and strategies, including OCD.

Remove excessive Anger.

Create confidence, self-belief, self-esteem and motivation.

Remove the emotional content of trauma and PTSD.

Take your life performance to new levels.

Make seamless and easy transitions though life’s changes, like changing career, redundancy or bereavement.

Stop smoking.

Weight Control.

Create abundance and prosperity.

Take total control of life and get what you really want.

Create your perfect future.

NLP in Sport

Extensive scientific study across the world has satisfied sceptics that the mind – body connection is real. It is now accepted that mental state directly affects physical performance. We can now see clearly that a positive mental approach substantially improves performance across all sporting disciplines.


Imagine being able train and compete with total confidence, having the ability to remove all elements of self doubt and that nagging voice that constantly whispers the doubting question “what if?” How would it feel if you were to do that at the unconscious level, removing the need to constantly remember the complexities of what you must and must not do to make your performance work?


Whichever sport you enjoy, NLP thinking can show you how to improve your sports performance and break through your own limiting mental barriers. By instructing you in the use of simple and effective techniques you will discover answers to your own potential and discover your ability to create your optimum performance.


Most people who engage in sport form strategies for training, preparation, competing and performance. These strategies run constantly in your head when you are engaging in your sport. You will have different strategies running for many different aspects of your sporting performance. Unfortunately, unhelpful strategies soon become habitual and can easily affect your physical and mental performance. NLP technique will show you how to break down strategies which you know don’t serve you well and replace them with your own ultimate performance strategy and instruct you how to step into that strategy at precisely the right moment.