A Two Day Introduction to Practical and Applicable NLP

Welcome to the Influential Engagement NLP Foundation Course. During this two day experience, your trainer will share with you a whole new approach to engaging with your customers and colleagues and friends, so that you can be an influential and masterful communicator. Over the duration of this course, you will discover the importance of language and how it shapes our thinking and our behaviour in a very unique way.

We believe that everyone has it within them to be really excellent in everything they decide to do. Our courses are no different. Our courses differ from other trainings in the field because we want you to be really outstanding. We want you to leave at the end of the course thinking differently from how people who choose to be just ‘average’ at what they do think.

We mindfully design each moment of our courses with real ‘a-ha’ light bulb moments to deliberately create freedom of thinking without the old limitations that keep people ‘average’. Our approach is far more effective than just teaching the theory and content of NLP. Our vision is to fire up the desire to excel in all our course participants, to free their thinking and create awareness of choice and the personal power that comes with it.

The foundation of this seminar is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). The science and technology of NLP is increasingly being incorporated into the working protocols of organisations all over the world, with some dramatically positive outcomes. The introduction to NLP represented in this course will equip you with the capability to positively affect your relationships and communication skills, both within your working life and also your private life.

Why enter into the NLP experience?

Are your goals, dreams and aspirations important to you? Would you find value in creating your own optimum performance through self-coaching, while mastering the art of effective communication? If you knew how to heal, nurture and grow all of your relationships, would your life be simpler and happier? Do you have a practical objective to change something in your life in order to have what you really want? If so, then you can.

What will I learn during this course?

The Foundations and Philosophy of NLP

  • The origins of NLP and how the thinking has grown from then to now.
  • Empowering new beliefs that will change the way you view your subjective experience of your reality.
  • To take control of your thinking through the freedom of choice and embrace your personal power.
  • A simple communication model that will enable you to always get your message across in the way you intended.
  • The psychology of excellence.
  • Discover and take control of the powerful mind-body connection.

Representing our World Internally

  • Discover how we form complex internal representations of our environment through our five senses.
  • Recognise how people represent their world, enabling you to communicate, persuade, negotiate and influence elegantly and effectively.
  • To match another person’s internal representation to create deep rapport and understanding.
  • Flexibility of language with a linguistic approach to suit every occasion.

Communicating Effectively with Rapport

  • Quickly connect with someone at the unconscious level, creating openness and trust.
  • Heal, nurture and grow your relationships.
  • Notice what you never noticed before and discover the real secrets to physiological change in communication.
  • Enhance your sensory acuity and lean the process of matching and mirroring in an elegant way.
  • Use your language and your voice to build rapport rapidly over the telephone.
  • Elegantly disagree with others and get your point across while still maintaining great rapport.

The Building Blocks of your Thinking – Sub Modalities

  • How to use and control the language of your mind.
  • Discover how we represent our deepest beliefs internally and how to rapidly change those that limit us.
  • Use the structure of submodalities to change unwanted and unhelpful feelings and behaviours about everyday things.

The Mastery of Language

  • Negotiate with elegance and gain rapid agreement.
  • The 5-Step Sales Process.

Taking Control of your Personal State

  • Build your personal resources and access them whenever you need them.
  • Maintain positive and helpful emotional states at all times.
  • Immediate state control, in any context.

Strategies Create all of our Behaviour

  • Discover what someone does in their head when they do what they do.
  • Elicit and utilise decision-making strategies.
  • Discover how your customer’s decide to buy and develop your engagement process to precisely fit their strategy.

How does the course work?

The course has been mindfully structured to ensure deep and fully integrated learning through a multi-sensory, blended learning approach. In order to accommodate all learning styles, this course will combine aspects of theoretical discussion and practical application.

You will be encouraged to approach the practical exercises with an open mind and a determination to create excellence.

The skills you will learn work and only you can decide to incorporate them into your own operating system.

Who Provides Accreditation?

Quest for Success Ltd is a fully accredited training institute and lead trainer Christine Dawson is a fully certified trainer and coach. We carry accreditation from the following internationally regarded professional bodies:

  • The American Board of NLP
  • The Time Line Therapy™ Association
  • The American Board of Hypnosis
  • The Coaching Division of the American Board of NLP
  • The Chartered Institute of Personal Development

Our NLP course participants have joined us from a wide variety of backgrounds:

  • Directors and senior executives, managers and leaders from a variety of professions.
  • Doctors and GPs.
  • Trainers and coaches from sporting and business backgrounds.
  • Human Resource Professionals.
  • Sales Professionals.
  • Professionals from the probation service.
  • Therapists, alternative practitioners and psychologists.
  • Project and Programme Managers.
  • Retired professionals who wish to continue their learning and those looking to return to work after a break.
  • Entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own business and a new career.
  • People who want to change their lives through personal growth.
  • Anyone who is curious about NLP and would like to know more.
  • Those of you who would like to gain some experience of NLP prior to undertaking a full Practitioner Certification.