An NLP Practitioner Training designed specifically with Equestrian Sports in mind.

Horses are extremely empathic, they feel everything you think. So, in order to form a strong and supportive connection with these majestic animals, our internal thought processes which produce our emotional states and behaviours are critical elements to our success.

Why learn NLP for Equestrian Sport?

NLP for Riding Teachers, Instructors and Coaches: Enhance your teaching and coaching by working with your students on a psychological level and witness the amazing results that totally positive thinking can achieve.
NLP for Competitors: Ask any sports person who is performing at the top of their game and they will tell you that success starts in the mind.
NLP for Pleasure Riders: Even if you are not competing with your horse, your riding experience and relationship with your horse will improve to levels you never thought possible.
NLP for Handlers: You don’t have to be on the horse to communicate how you think and feel, even on the ground, these wonderful animals are sensitive to our state.

The course content:


Day 1

Your introduction to the incredible world of NLP. The subject is brought to life with exciting clarity as you learn about the part of your mind that we call the ‘unconscious’ mind and the role it carries out so effectively each day of our lives. This understanding creates a picture of how we can communicate with our unconscious mind and so start to create a level of personal power never before experienced. You will hear how we unconsciously communicate with our horses all of the time and begin to learn how to make that level of communication work for you and your horse to produce amazing results.

We will focus on you and your personal goals and show you how to expand your comfort zone by encouraging you to elevate your goal setting to a new level. You will learn an easy and effective process for goal setting that you can, in turn, pass on to your clients. As you watch your clients and your horse in the future, you will start to notice new things, minute physiological changes which tell you that something is changing inside. You will learn to be flexible in your own behaviour, responding to the needs of your clients and their horses, quickly and effectively.

We all think in a unique way and if you are to get the most out of your pupils and the people you come into contact with, you need to know and understand how they do it! By listening and watching, you can absorb a great deal of information which you can use to make your communication much more effective. Understanding how people prefer to learn is crucial for any successful coach and you will learn how.

Day 2

Rapport is a method of communicating consciously at the unconscious level. You will see how, by building rapport at a very deep level, you can improve your communications and relationships with clients, parents, friends, colleagues, the vet, the farrier, your horse, in fact, everyone you come into contact with. As a business person, rapport is the key difference between getting the business and losing it. You will learn a process that you can put into use every day of your life!

Now you have a clear understanding of how people think and how to notice when something changes within the mind, you will hear how you can help people to think differently about the things they have issues with. People have unhelpful internal representations about all sorts of thing, from riding out in company, riding across open spaces to fences with ditches and the sight of a bin lorry. The unhelpful thinking passes directly to the horse and produces projected behaviour, so thinking in a different way produces very different results. Imagine the unique perspective you will be able to offer your clients on how to resolve these types of issues easily and quickly. You can also change your own unhelpful thinking whilst you learn.

What we believe about ourselves, our abilities and our horses become self-fulfilling prophesies, so positive, empowering beliefs are really very important for riders and coaches alike. Today, you will discover how to help someone change a limiting belief into a new empowering belief and watch them transform before your very eyes. Sound amazing? It is! You will also be able to remove your own limiting beliefs and everything that prevents you from reaching your goals.

Day 3

Unhelpful behaviour is usually initiated by some sort of trigger. A trigger can be anything! Have you ever heard someone say, ‘When I see that it’s that judge, I get really nervous’ or ‘When I hear the bell ring, I get really tense through my hands.’ Today you will hear how you can enable someone to take a much more positive action when they experience a trigger event. So, the issues become ‘When I see it’s that judge, I feel really confident’ and ‘When I hear the bell ring, my hands become soft and giving.’ It’s powerful stuff and a whole new toolkit for you as a coach or a competitor. Do you have triggers which initiate unhelpful responses? Well today, you can get rid of them too!

Coaching a rider, is often more about the language you use than anything else. Day 3 is about the conscious use of language. Learning to listen to what your rider doesn’t say as well as what they do. You will learn to identify the assumptions inherent in someone’s thought processes and how they are creating problems for the rider. You will hear how you can help to dissolve problems with your language alone! A very useful technique when you are teaching or coaching and your language is all you have available to you as you stand in the school and the rider and horse move around you. Elegant and precise language is key to any successful coaching session.

Day 4

Hear even more language skills in the form of reframing. Assist your riders to think about their issues differently by presenting them back to them in a different frame. You can have a rider resolve their issues completely, just by the intelligent use of language. These skills will really set you apart from the rest.

Stories are powerful tools for instigating psychological change at the unconscious level. Discover how to create metaphors for your pupils in order to offer them solutions to their issues, unconsciously! Learn how to present to groups with charisma and confidence and to have your audience in exactly the right frame of mind to accept your information with enthusiasm and curiosity.

Day 5

Trigger events not only produce certain behaviours, but certain emotional responses too. Hoses are extremely empathic, they feel everything you feel and think, so positive thought and empowering emotions are very important to creating a calm and successful rider/horse partnership. Wouldn’t it be useful for both you and your clients if they could call upon really useful, positive emotions whenever they needed them? On day 5 you will hear how you can create a kinesthetic, visual or auditory trigger which will evoke a specific emotional response, on demand. This process can be used at any time, even when competing, half way through a dressage test or part way round the cross-country course, or during the stages exams, any time! See how you can easily provide an emotional anchor for a client and have them feel instant confidence, motivation, energy, power, self-belief, whatever is great for them! You’ll go away with some fantastically useful anchors for yourself too!

The afternoon of day 5 is very special. It is special because you will be introduced to Creating your Future® Coaching techniques. In order to create a successful future, we must clean up the past which we invariably carry around with us. Using this extraordinary technique, you will learn how to assist someone in removing all negative emotion from their past in order to create a compelling future. You will also have the opportunity to clear up your own past, lighten the load, release energy and feel amazing. This technique is also very useful for dealing with past trauma, like a really bad fall or the sad loss of an animal. This is a day for change and for creating future success, easily and effortlessly.

Day 6

Phobias can seriously affect our lives. There are about 500,000 different phobias operating in the world today and they can take a variety of different forms. Perhaps there is a certain fence that generates an irrational fear, or a certain venue, or even a certain judge or instructor. Phobias can be generated by absolutely anything! On this special day, you will understand how to remove a phobia in a very gentle and effective way. There’s time for you to remove your own phobias too!! Used carefully and considerately, this technique can also be used to take the emotional charge off a negative event in the past. Maybe a bad fall or an accident of some sort, the memory of which creates barriers to your future success.

Day 6 is also about resolving internal conflicts which prevent good decision making and absorb personal energy. An internal conflict is like having an argument with someone 24/7, imagine how much energy that would take up! By resolving conflicts at the unconscious level, the mind and body is restored to a state of alignment, congruency and balance. Riders can find a physical balance and centre that they have never experienced before, by restoring balance to the mind.

To round up day 6 nicely, you will be introduced to hypnosis and learn how you can really relax, both physically and mentally. Relaxation is so important to health and wellbeing and we all forget how to relax properly. Time to remember!

Day 7

Your final day is about creating motivation from procrastination. We all procrastinate about the things we would rather not do. It could be the training, the tack cleaning, the big muck out, filling nets, paperwork, tax returns, it’s different for everyone. Can you imagine getting really motivated every time you try to procrastinate? Think of all the things you would get done! We will show you how.

The final afternoon concentrates on strategies. We use strategies for everything we do, everything! An unhelpful strategy can seriously affect how effective we can be, so you will see how to elicit someone’s strategy, through watching their eye patterns, and to help them to install a new, more helpful strategy. We will discuss how people have strategies for learning and how you as a coach can tailor your instruction to match your client’s learning strategy.

Finally, for the self-employed and those who produce horses, we will look at a highly effective 5-Step sales process which will help you to grow your business and increase your success.

Seven amazing days which will ensure that you are a coach, competitor or leisure rider with a difference and that difference is success.

How we structure your NLP for Equestrian Sport© Practitioner Training Course

Part 1: Pre-course study

The pre-course study is identical to that of our standard Intensive NLP Practitioner Certification© Training. As soon as you book your NLP Practitioner Course, we will send you your pre-course study pack so that you can start your learning immediately, in your own time and at your own pace. The pack, which is included in the cost of your training, contains:

  • A Pre-Study audio programme in MP3 format. The audio tracks have been designed and narrated by Dr Tad James and take you through the whole of the Practitioner Training, so you will be familiar with the theory and techniques before you attend the training. You never know, some of it may be installed unconsciously too!
  • A comprehensive course manual
  • 3 excellent and inspirational books
  • A learning worksheet test, via e-mail, which you complete as you learn to ensure you have a firm grasp of each topic.

Part 2: 7 Days Intensive NLP Practitioner Training

Once you have completed your worksheet test to the pass rate standard, which is a pre-requisite of attendance, you then attend the face to face training. Spending 7 days with your trainer and mastering your new skills really is the fun bit! The training is highly interactive and focused specifically on how you will translate the theory you have learned into your equestrian world. You will have lots of time to practice, to ensure you leave the course a confident and elegant Practitioner of NLP for Equestrian Sport.

Over the course of the week, our trainers will always be available, so if you feel you would like to talk to them privately, outside of the course, you can. If you have a particular issue that you feel is not appropriate for a group environment, then our trainers will help you to resolve it outside of the training room.

After you graduate as a Certified Practitioner of NLP for Equestrian Sport©, you are welcome to contact your trainer for any additional support that you require or any questions you need answering. We love to hear about your achievements and encourage you to stay in touch.

The NLP for Equestrian Sport© Practitioner Training is approved by the American Board of NLP (ABNLP) and Quest for Success Ltd is an ABNLP approved NLP Training Institute.

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