The NLP Approach to Ultimate Riding Performance©

Being enthusiastic, with a deep love for all things equestrian is a wonderful feeling to have. Horses have an almost mystical way of capturing the imagination and the sights, smells and sounds of the stable yard can be quite magical and completely engaging.

As strong as the love for horses might be some riders have more personal resources to succeed in their chosen area than others. Whether you are a competitive rider or a pleasure rider, a professional or complete beginner, success, confidence and the production of ultimate performance begins in the mind and we can show you how.

Horses feel everything you think, so your psychological health is crucial to a successful relationship with your horse. Your equestrian experience may lack confidence or motivation, maybe you have phobias and habits that you need to overcome when working around horses. Perhaps you see difficulty in controlling your emotional state in highly pressurised situations, competition for example.

At Quest for Success Ltd, we offer an exciting, resonant and transformational programme, The NLP Approach to Ultimate Riding Performance©, based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Creating Your Future™ Coaching Techniques and Hypnosis, blended to generate bespoke programmes created specifically for you.

The NLP Approach to Ultimate Riding Performance© Programme:

Each programme is tailored specifically to the needs of the individual and the outcomes desired. The programme sessions are conducted on a one to one basis, each lasting about an hour. The sessions can be conducted face to face or by utilising web technology such as Skype. If you feel it is important for your coach to see you with your horse, they will visit your yard.

How does it work?

You will begin by meeting with your NLP Coach and getting to know them. They will listen to you with complete focus and assist you in discovering your problems, challenges and goals for the programme. You and your coach will design the coaching plan together and ensure that it specifically addresses your needs and enables you to reach your goals.

If meeting your horse and/or watching you ride would add value, then your coach will attend the venue at which you ride if location dictates that this is practical. Your coach can also work in partnership with your riding instructor, subject to mutual agreement.

You will begin working with your NLP Coach, on the ground, away from your horse and start the change work which will begin your journey towards ultimate performance and a wonderful and rewarding rider-horse relationship. Your coach will assist you to plan and action steps towards confident, riding, full of self-belief.
Your coach may set you tasks to complete in between your coaching sessions to encourage you to put the changes you have made into practical use and to enable you to practice using the new and powerful techniques you have learned for yourself, as and when you need them.
You will decide when the coaching relationship has provided everything you set out to achieve. You can always reconnect with your coach at any time to assist you in achieving new exciting goals for your future equestrian pursuits.

What you can achieve:

  • Control of your emotional state in pressure situations.
  • Perhaps discover that a problem with your horse is actually a problem within your mind that can easily be resolved.
  • A relaxed rider makes for a relaxed and compliant horse, remove fear and anxiety easily and effortlessly.
  • Enjoy more successful and nerve free show days with more rosettes!
  • Optimum performance from horse and rider.
  • Get instant motivation for your riding, training and fitness.
  • Remove limiting beliefs and enjoy all aspects of riding.
  • Remove phobias, like that rider frightening fence, hacking out or riding in company.
  • Communicate confidently and positively, creating a wonderful rider/horse relationship.
  • Happy rider = happy horse!

We work with riders of any age and ability. Children under the age of 16 will be coached in the presence of a parent or guardian.