New Thinking for a New Era

‘It is impossible to solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.’


As we look back to now from the future, this time will be documented as one of significant change of historical importance.  The future is as yet undefined, unwritten and it is what we do now that will create the future.  So how do we ensure that it will be the one that we want?


I see the quote at the head of this article as a resonant reminder that as our environment changes, we must adapt as thousands of species have over the millennia.  Only the species that change to align with their environment survive and they can then begin to shape that environment to co-ordinate with their needs.  Human kind is no different.  We must grow and adapt to an ever changing world and as individuals, we must take control of us.


The first step on the journey of creating the future that we desire is to ensure we embrace and maintain our personal power.  We all have personal power in immeasurable amounts and often, we unconsciously give it away and then wonder why we feel low, powerless, out of control, even depressed.  When we give our personal power away, we give away our energy, motivation, determination and creativity, we give away our power to succeed.


How does our personal power get away from us?  Our power leaves us when we hold everything outside of us responsible for our current situation.  How many times have you heard someone say something like, “My life is like it is because of the Government, because of the economic crisis, because of the banks, because of my employer, because of my husband/wife, because of my family”?  Of course the world has changed, it is different than it used to be and quite frankly, life happens.  We have no control over any of the changes that happen around us and that we blame for our current situation.  All we have direct control over is us.  It is the way we respond and adapt to changes that dictates the life we live; we are responsible for us.  Once we accept our responsibility for our outcomes, then we take back all of our personal power and become energised once again.


The second step is to take our powerful inner resources and begin to think differently.  ‘It is impossible to solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.’  The science of NLP represents a new thinking technology.  Einstein once said that ‘It is the insane man who continues to do the same thing over and over again and expects to get different results.’  Are you ‘insane’, are you doing the same things over and over and hoping that you will get something different at some point?  A small shift in thinking process can have magnificent results.


Using powerful NLP techniques and thinking as our compass, we can then begin to charter our journey to our desired destination, we can create our own future.  In order to create the future, we want, we first need to clean up our past and leave being all of the baggage that we have been carrying with us for so many years.  We want to travel light and remove all of those burdens that have served as barriers to our success.  Only then can we move forward with rapidity and energy.


To charter the most efficient route, we must first know precisely where it is we want to end up.  Specificity is crucial when we are preparing our desired goals and outcomes.  If we are just a single degree out, we will navigate a path that misses our destination by miles.  Great goal setting is extremely important and within the study of NLP, we have a compelling series of well-formed conditions that assist us to prepare exactly the right goal.  It’s a great idea to write it down too, a goal in your head is still a dream!


Learning how to control our emotional responses and our thinking process, we can then begin our journey with energy, vigor and motivation.  Equipped with everything we need to overcome the challenges that life presents us, we can begin to create our own future and generate our desired levels of success.  Our future depends on us.