Discover the Secrets of the Time Line in an Elegant Coaching Framework

Time Line Therapy™ techniques represent a very special area of learning and personal development.  This unique technique is used around the globe by thousands of qualified practitioners who consistently achieve and report their magnificent results.


Life happens to all of us and the way we create new mechanisms for coping is to learn from and ascribe meaning to those events which weren’t particularly pleasant or indeed downright awful.  The Time Line Therapy® process enables you to develop new strategies and future proof yourself from similar events, so you react more positively and are more prepared to face life’s challenges head on.


Carrying around all your old feelings of frustration, apathy, dissatisfaction, anger, sadness, grief, hurt, guilt, getting irritated when something is happening to you again and putting up with it again, is only going to take its toll on your emotional and mental health.


Many people put up with feeling bad and don’t even know that the underlying cause of their underperformance is what they are carrying unconsciously inside.  All of those past negative emotions that they experienced and all the limiting decisions about themselves get stored up and filed away, in a self-perpetuating loop, without an exit.


After completing Time Line Therapy®, you actually set in motion a beneficial feedback loop that leads to even greater level of mental and emotional health.  As you remove the emotional chains of negative emotions accumulated in your body’s memory from past events, you have an easier time dealing with anything life throws at you.  Once you experience freedom from past unresolved negative emotions and you begin to let go of your limiting beliefs and decisions about your own capabilities, life suddenly becomes filled with success and much more fun!


Course Content – Learn all of this…


Time Line Therapy® Practitioner Certification Training is a highly interactive and immersive training with the intent of ensuring you are a confident and elegant practitioner who is ready to work with clients and get really tremendous results.


  • Introduction to the major Time Line Therapy™ techniques.
  • The Prime Directives of the Unconscious mind and how to present them to your client.
  • How to pre-frame your client before they work with their Time Line.
  • Teaching your client about the gestalt.
  • Elicitation of the Time Line and how to deal with ‘I don’t know’.
  • Guiding your client along their Time Line with a Test Flight and how to deal with any difficulties.
  • Discovering the root cause.
  • How to describe the Time Line concept to the client so that it is easy for them to understand.
  • Teaching the client about the Time Line and how to demonstrate the Time Line positions.
  • Releasing negative emotions from the past.
  • How to elicit and develop the learnings the client discovers on the Time Line with Clean Language.
  • What to do if the emotions don’t release immediately.
  • Useful packaged reframes for positive learnings.
  • Working with clients who don’t feel emotions on the Time Line.
  • What to do if a client associates into a traumatic memory.
  • Understanding how to recognise a limiting decision and a limiting belief.
  • How to remove limiting beliefs and decisions on the Time Line.
  • Understanding why the emotions disappear.
  • Working with the Time Line to remove anxiety.
  • Understanding how the client relates to time.
  • Changing the direction of the Time Line.
  • How to teach your client to set goals.
  • The technique for putting a goal into the future Time Line.
  • Working with trauma on the Time Line.
  • Understand the practical aspects of working with clients and charging models.
  • How to produce a Client disclosure and statement of scope of practice.
  • Understand how to put together a complete Time Line Therapy™ techniques session.



Practical Applications of Time Line Therapy™ Techniques


Time Line Therapy™ Techniques has many applications, some very obvious and some that you may not have considered before.


In Coaching

Time Line Therapy™ is a collection of essential skills that any quality coach would be pleased to add to their toolkit.  Barriers that could take months of traditional coaching to overcome can be broken down quickly and easily, leaving the path ahead clear for the coachee to progress towards their desired goals.  The practitioner learns how to gently guide their clients to a more focussed understanding of their problem and then to assist them to resolve the problem rapidly, easily and effortlessly.  The speed and magnitude of change that clients can achieve is truly amazing.


In Therapy

Years of therapy and dependence on prescribed medication can be completely avoided when the therapist has Time Line Therapy™ techniques at their disposal.  The techniques are widely used to work with depression (GP diagnosed or not), stress, anxiety, panic attacks, low self-esteem, post-natal depression, eating disorders, body dysmorphia, inappropriate and misplaced anger, fear, extreme phobia and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to name but a few.  By gently guiding the client through a simple process, the most incredible personal change can be achieved in a very short period of time compared to the more traditional psychological approaches.  The results achieved are permanent and self-maintained by the client.


In Business

Time Line Therapy™ techniques are perhaps best known for their application in coaching and therapeutic environments.  People are often quite surprised to hear that the techniques can be used to create significant performance enhancements in a business corporate setting.  By removing personal barriers to success, staff performance can be rapidly improved with an attendant improvement in performance of the bottom line.  Motivated and happy staff will perform much more proficiently on a daily basis than those who are hampered by negative feelings and long standing grudges from the past.  Sales people who are free from the fear of selling and who fully believe in their ability to sell will have performance figures which surpass their colleagues and competitors by a great margin.  Presentations, proposals and pitches delivered without anxiety and fear will be received more readily by an audience who want to be convinced and staff who have a problem with time management can gain control of their perception of time.


In Sport

A key element to success in any sport is mental preparation.  Science has proved through extensive research that the mind-body connection is real, so physical health and performance is driven by the mind.  The ability to have total belief in ability, to visualise positively, to control the emotional reaction to pressure situations and to focus totally on the desired outcome are all key to success and enjoyment in sport and performance.  By incorporating Time Line Therapy™ Techniques into their preparation, sports men and women can maintain total control over mind and body, before, during and after their performance.  Time Line Therapy™ Techniques have also been used to great effect in sports rehabilitation, to remove the emotional content of traumatic experiences, regain confidence and self-esteem and facilitate physical healing.


In Personal Development

Time Line Therapy™ techniques will also smooth the path of your own journey towards excellence and applied as part of your daily routine, can create a powerful and energetic future.

Course Content


  • Understanding yourself as an NLP Coach, what does it mean?
  • Why coaching is useful and when you would use a coaching approach.
  • Coaching for conscious and unconscious integration.
  • Understanding what coaching is so that you can explain with confidence.
  • The difference between coaching with a small ‘c’ and Coaching with a capital ‘C’.
  • The uses of NLP Coaching.
  • What makes a successful NLP Coach?
  • What sets NLP coaching apart from other approaches?
  • Frames for thinking about coaching
  • Creating a ‘Coaching Bubble’.
  • How to access your Coach State.
  • Thinking about Neurological levels in Coaching.
  • Learn to use the Quest for Success UCHANGE™ Coaching Model.
  • How to give constructive feedback.
  • Contracting with the client and the coaching session agreement.
  • How to organise your documentation with coaching plans and progress reviews.
  • Understand the on-going nature of coaching with the NLP Coaching Cycle.
  • Familiarisation with the ABNLP Coaching Standards and Ethics.
  • Receive all of the research information that will allow you to demonstrate coaching competence as measured against the ICF.


You may already be working in the coaching profession; you may be looking to create a whole new business or service portfolio with NLP Coaching or you may be excited about receiving a new framework into which you can place your NLP work. However, you are looking to coach with NLP, you will certainly enjoy thinking like an NLP Coach.