Your thinking and skills as fresh as the day you learned them!

Many professions embrace supervision as a natural and dynamic contribution to their continued personal development. For some, the requirement to undertake regular supervision is mandatory, for all, it is an ethical obligation to maintain standards and encourage growth through experiential learning.

In 1998, Bond and Holland described supervision as, ‘a regular and protected time for facilitated, in-depth reflection on professional practice.’ Another definition is offered by Inskipp and Proctor (2001), ‘a working alliance between two professionals where supervisees offer an account of their work, reflect on it, receive feedback and receive guidance if appropriate. The object of this alliance is to enable the professional to gain in ethical competency, confidence and creativity so as to give the best possible service to clients.’

We believe that the organic continuous development of NLP Professionals is important and so we have created a well-structured, clear and resonant programme of supervision which is open to all of our graduates*.

We know that your growth as an NLP Professional is important to you and we are confident that our Supervision Programme will assist you in achieving a clear focus on your onward progression and we will walk your path alongside you. Your continued learning and achievement are important to us and we are excited that you are serious about maintaining the high standards that we set for you during your training.

The Supervision Programme has been carefully designed to both challenge and support you. You will be encouraged to think of new, innovative and creative routes to achieve both your business and personal goals and really tune in to your unconscious mind to access your learning.

Joining the Supervision Programme through an annual subscription rewards you with immediate access to:

  • Monthly one to one supervision sessions with your trainer. Each session will last up to 2 hours and can be held face to face, if location permits, via Skype video conferencing and audio channels or over the telephone.
  • A comprehensive Learning Journal, supplied to you electronically. The Learning Journal offers you a structured illustration of both the big picture of your onward development and the finer, task oriented detail. Planning your progression will enable you to build a new level of confidence in your capability and maintain the energy that you felt when you had just completed your training. The journal contains your supervision contract, details about how to prepare for supervision, the experiential learning cycle and a package of templates on which you can evidence your CPD.
  • On-going support.

Undertaking voluntary supervision, along with the records that you will be encouraged to keep will be robust enough for you to provide evidence of your CPD if formal regulation of the profession is ever introduced. Whilst we haven’t heard any direct evidence that this may present itself in the UK in the near future, it pays to be prepared.

Go back now to the final day of your training and see what you saw, hear what you heard and really feel the excitement and energy that you felt. You deserve to maintain that transformative energy throughout your life and that’s what the Quest for Success Supervision Programme is all about. Stay ethical, stay precise, stay focussed, stay professional and stay out of your comfort zone, keep learning!

*If you are an NLP Professional interested in Supervision and did not complete your training with Quest for Success Ltd, please call to enquire about access to the Programme.