Hypnosis Practitioner Certification Training

*Now part of our Intensive NLP Practitioner Certification Training*

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Hypnosis is the practice of working with altered states. It is a gentle, yet powerful catalyst for personal change.

The Hypnosis Practitioner Certification content has been carefully designed to fully prepare you to start working with clients immediately and to encourage change and transformation when working with altered states. We are dedicated to ensuring that you leave your training as ethical, ecological and safe practitioners of hypnosis.

We think that you will also be a little surprised when we really consider hypnosis as a business tool, something for coaching, education, sport, as well as the more evident therapeutic applications. We have fully embraced the thinking that hypnosis is about altered states, so hypnosis need not only mean working with single clients in deep trance.

During the training you will build expertise in using Ericksonian Hypnotic Techniques. We will layer in different elements of an excellent hypnotic intervention with each practical exercise, building up your abilities until you are clearly the most confident and elegant practitioners of Ericksonian hypnosis techniques. You will also be introduced to working with a pendulum, which will reveal an additional approach to physiological change that you will be able to offer to your future clients.

All of our trainings are highly interactive and this is no exception. You will have plenty of opportunity to develop a solid understanding of hypnotic induction and to sense the experiences of your client through the formation of your own image of what trance feels like.

Course Content

Our Hypnosis Practitioner Content has been carefully designed to take the mystery and misconception out of the social norms of hypnotic intervention. Creating change using altered states is all about the skillful crafting and delivery of language that encourages psychological shifts and personal transformation.

  • A journey through time to understand the origins of hypnosis and trance work.
  • Understanding the generic misconceptions about hypnosis and how to explain the truths.
  • How to define hypnosis and understanding the different professional levels.
  • Embedding an ethical and ecological approach into your work with hypnosis.
  • The Prime Directives of the Unconscious Mind and how to explain them to your client.
  • Understanding the different levels of trance and how to recognise them.
  • Preparing your client to work with altered states, how to explain the process and increase comfort and trust.
  • Techniques for testing how suggestible to your instructions your client is likely to be.
  • Understanding how Milton Erickson approached his particular school of hypnosis.
  • Learn about Milton Erickson – the man.
  • Discover how Milton Model language can be easily developed and utilised to generate altered states in your client or audience.
  • Crafting positive and powerful suggestive language and delivering it to your client for amazing change.
  • Learn how to create and maintain your own altered state for working with clients.
  • How to utilise your physiology to get improved results.
  • Learn how to find your ideal hypnotic voice.
  • Understand how to assist your client to reach the desired altered state with a range of deepening techniques.
  • How to identify when a post hypnotic suggestion is required and how to design and embed it.
  • Learn how to write elegant and powerful scripts for use with clients.
  • How to work with a pendulum, it’s not what you think!
  • Understand and practice the construction of a complete hypnotic intervention.
  • How to use hypnosis for yourself.
  • Understand when working with hypnosis is not recommended.
  • Regulation of the profession.


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