Why enter into the Hypnosis Training Experience?

Hypnosis is the practice of assisting transformative change by working with complete relaxation.  It is a gentle, yet powerful catalyst for personal change.

The Professional Hypnosis Certification Series has been carefully designed to fully prepare you to begin working with Hypnosis immediately in your chosen field. You will leave the programme fully equipped to launch your own business, practice or to utilise your learning in your career and personal life. The programme is overflowing with everything you need to succeed. We are dedicated to ensuring that you leave every training as ethical, ecological and safe practitioners of hypnosis.

Hypnotic language and technique is also a proven and powerful business tool. You will learn techniques that you will use every day in your business and that will rapidly accelerate your success and increase your profit margins.

All of our trainings are highly interactive and this is no exception. You will have plenty of opportunity to develop a solid understanding of contemporary hypnosis and to experience change through total relaxation yourself.

At the end of the training on graduation day you will be supremely confident in the ethical and ecological utilisation of Hypnosis. You will have increased your imagination and will use language with elegance and precision, providing a solid base on which to elevate your hypnosis skills to Master Practitioner level and Trainer levels.

What will I learn as I study?

The Professional Hypnosis Certification Series is a new and rapid system for learning and developing professional Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy skill sets. The Hypnosis Series has been carefully designed by the knowledgeable and experienced experts at Quest for Success Ltd. Our goal is to transport you through the specialisms of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, beginning from first principles and culminating at the status of Trainer of Hypnosis. If you choose to, the accelerated learning format means that you can achieve the entire journey to professional status within a year.

The accelerated learning format is made possible by our tested formula of learning by doing. Whilst other courses within the Hypnosis Profession may spend a year on theoretical discussion, we encourage continuous research and development whilst actively learning the skills required by a highly ethical and professionally accomplished Hypnotherapist. Every day of your training will be spent engaged in highly interactive exercises in a safe environment with close observation and detailed feedback. This is how we ensure that all our graduates leave us as experts at each level of learning.

The Professional Hypnosis Certification Series has five discreet parts. You are free to select them all and complete the entire programme, or mix and match the trainings to suit your own personal requirements. Each part is certified separately as a discreet unit of learning.

The Professional Hypnosis Certification Series has been carefully designed to take the archaic mystery and misconception out of the social norms of hypnotic intervention.  Creating change using relaxation is all about the skilful crafting and delivery of language that encourages psychological shifts and personal transformation.


You will easily and effortlessly learn:


  • A journey through time to understand the origins of hypnosis and trance work.
  • Understanding the generic misconceptions about hypnosis and how to explain the truths.
  • How to define hypnosis and understanding the different professional levels.
  • Embedding an ethical and ecological approach into your work with hypnosis.
  • Develop your sensory acuity.
  • How to create Hypnotic rapport with your client.
  • Learn Hypnotic language patterns and how to deploy them in everyday life.
  • How to use hypnotic language patterns in business.
  • The Prime Directives of the Unconscious Mind and how to explain them to your client.
  • Understanding the different levels of trance and how to recognise them.
  • Preparing your client to work with altered states, how to explain the process and increase comfort and trust.
  • Techniques for testing how suggestible to your instructions your client is likely to be.
  • Understanding how Milton Erickson approached his particular school of hypnosis.
  • Learn about Milton Erickson – the man.
  • Discover how Milton Model language can be easily developed and utilised to generate altered states in your client or audience.
  • Crafting positive and powerful suggestive language and delivering it to your client for amazing change.
  • Learn how to create and maintain your own altered state for working with clients.
  • How to utilise your physiology to get improved results.
  • Learn how to find your ideal hypnotic voice.
  • Understand how to assist your client to reach the desired altered state with a range of deepening techniques.
  • Learn how to create and utilise metaphor for change.
  • How to identify when a post hypnotic suggestion is required and how to design and embed it.
  • Learn how to write elegant and powerful scripts for use with clients.
  • How to work with a pendulum, it’s not what you think!
  • Understand and practice the construction of a complete hypnotic intervention.
  • How to use hypnosis for yourself.
  • Understand when working with hypnosis is not recommended.
  • Learn what you need to know about setting up your own, highly successful Hypnosis business.
  • Regulation of the profession.

How does the series work?

The Professional Hypnosis Certification Series has five discreet parts. You are free to select them all and complete the entire programme, or mix and match the trainings to suit your own personal requirements. Each part is certified separately as a discreet unit of learning.

The five stages are as follows:

Ericksonian Hypnosis – 3 Days

The foundation training of the series. If you are joining Quest for Success Ltd with no previous knowledge of Hypnosis, we do require that you take this training first so that we can assist you in developing the necessary fundamental skills required by an excellent Hypnotherapist.

The Ericksonian method is a gentle and permissive approach to the highly transformational trance states. It’s a great way to begin learning hypnosis and you will find it easy to begin to facilitate altered states of consciousness and encourage positive change from the very first afternoon of your live training.

At Quest for Success we believe that each hypnotic experience should be unique and skilfully tailored to meet each individual client’s needs, so we leave the ‘one size fits all’ approach to others. As a Quest for Success graduate you will know how to create your own hypnotic inductions, deepening scripts and transformative suggestions that work. When you graduate from this training, you will be a knowledgeable and confident, highly skilled and elegant certified Practitioner of Hypnosis.

Advanced Hypnosis Part 1 – The Estabrooks Approach 2 Days

Building upon the solid foundation of your Ericksonian Hypnosis Training, the Estabrooks Approach will take your Hypnosis skills to a more advanced level. You will discover the power of metaphors to induce trance states and encourage change, as well as progressive trance inductions, rapid induction techniques and full body catalepsy.

Advanced Hypnosis Part 2 – The Elman Approach 2 Days

The Elman approach to hypnosis is unique and powerful and can be easily utilised with self and with clients. Here we explore the different stages of trance and how to recognise them, whilst learning how to deliver specialised inductions.

During this advanced training we also shine the spotlight on Health and Healing with Hypnosis. Health and Healing is one of the key areas in which Hypnosis is successfully employed across the globe in modern days. Direct instructional conversation with the unconscious mind, the part of our mind which runs and preserves our bodies, means that we can utilise the mind-body connection to create holistic wellbeing for ourselves and our clients. You will learn how to develop a Glove Anaesthesia and work with biofeedback devices such as a pendulum.

On completion of Advanced Hypnosis Parts 1 and 2, you will be certified as a Master Practitioner of Hypnosis.

Self Hypnosis – 1 Day

All hypnosis is Self Hypnosis. This part of the programme is mindfully dedicated to creating trance states for yourself. Once you know how to create trance in yourself, you will create the ability to really relax (mentally and physically), to sleep well, to learn easily, to generate personal energy and to take care of your physical and mental health and wellbeing.

The Krasner Method – 3 Days

Dr A.M. Krasner is the founder of the American Institute of Hypnotherapy and a prestigious innovator in the profession of Hypnotherapy. His highly effective hypnotherapeutic methods have become the standard for therapy institutes across the world. You will learn the Krasner Method of Clinical Hypnotherapy and advance your knowledge and thinking to new, highly effective levels.

This training is taught by Quest for Success Ltd, then tested, graded and certified by the American Board of Hypnosis.

Hypnosis Trainers Training – 5 Days

You are serious about running a successful and very importantly, a profitable business which incorporates or is solely based upon Hypnosis and so this is the training for you. The benefits of adding advanced hypnosis skills to your existing knowledge base are infinite.

On graduation you will be qualified to open your own Hypnosis Training Institute, or add Hypnosis Certification to your existing training portfolio. As a graduate of this training you will be internationally recognised as an Instructor of Hypnosis and fully accredited by the American Board of Hypnosis, one of the largest hypnosis certifying boards globally.

Imagine for a moment that on graduation, you will immediately be equipped to recover your entire training costs by running your first one day hypnosis workshop or certification training. You don’t have to do any further research, everything you need is right here in this training to use as soon as you graduate. That’s how confident you will be in your training capability.

Beginning from a foundation of fundamental skills and thinking, we will layer in your learning each and every day, culminating in your delivery of a full, bespoke hypnotic session with a fellow learner. This gives you a complete process template that you can re-produce time and time again with your own clients.

Who provides my Certification?

The Professional Hypnosis Certification Series is fully certified by Quest for Success Ltd and accredited by the American Board of Hypnosis (ABH). You will be able to join the ABH successful completion of each training.

Who Benefits from Taking an Hypnosis Training?

The practical applications of Hypnosis are many and varied:

In Business: 

Hypnosis is about the elegant use of language.  When you frame Hypnosis in this way, a whole new vista of opportunity emerges.  As a presenter, speaker, sales person, influencer, negotiator, leader and manager, the state of the people you communicate with is critical to your success.  Learning how to positively and ethically influence the emotional state of business relationships and to use your language to create deep understanding and open up new thinking processes provides you with a toolkit that will seriously enhance both your performance and effectiveness within the work place.


In Coaching and Therapy:

The skills developed by a coach or therapist trained formally in hypnotic technique are built around recognising and guiding the nature of the client’s state and utilising their language in a powerful and creative way.  The ability to skilfully move a client from light to deep trance enables us to create deep and lasting change for the client and assist them in achieving their desired results.


In Education:        

The ideal state for learning is an hypnotic state.  Adults and children alike learn best when they are calm, relaxed and focussed on their learning task.  The teacher, trainer or instructor who can use their language skills to create the ideal learning state will experience enhanced learning capability in their students and a level of classroom focus that provides a wonderful environment for learning.  The positive use of suggestive hypnotic language generates unconscious and conscious learning, making the absorption and retrieval of information effortless and enjoyable.


In Sport:

Sports competitors often refer to what they call ‘the zone’ and how they need to be in it to produce their optimum performance.  ‘The zone’ is an altered state that produces the psychological and physical conditions necessary for them to produce excellence in their sport.  Champions in any sport know exactly what their ‘zone’ is and have become expert at creating it on demand.  Coaches who wish to assist sports persons to develop their ideal performance state would benefit enormously from introducing hypnotic language to create that special altered state.


Personal Performance:   

Awareness of altered states and a command of hypnotic language are essential elements to successfully managing your own performance.  Self-hypnosis can easily become part of your daily routine to facilitate your performance, learning and ability to really embrace true physical and mental relaxation which contributes significantly to your overall health and sense of wellbeing.

What can I do with my Certification?

On graduating from the entire Professional Hypnosis Certification Series, you will be a fully certified Trainer of Hypnosis as certified by the American Board of Hypnosis (ABH). As such, this entitles you to:


  • Set up your own, highly successful Hypnosis Practice.
  • Train and Certify your own students of Hypnosis.
  • Offer your services to other Hypnosis Practices.
  • Work on your own personal development needs.
  • Work with others inside your existing organisation.
  • Run workshops and group sessions.
  • Integrate your new knowledge into your existing career.