Coaching with Values Levels Thinking

If you coach a client without utilising and keeping in mind values levels, you’re leaving out about 40% of your success in your coaching ability.’ Tad James


More than any other element in coaching, values are at the foundation of change and have a profound effect on the longevity and depth of the changes we make.


Values are those things that we move towards or away from and are willing to expend our precious resources on. They are largely unconscious and at the very deepest level, drive our purpose as people, they guide all of our behaviour. Values provide the first push towards our motivation to carry out our actions and assist us in evaluating them as right or wrong or good or bad.


Conflict in our values system can cause an individual intense discomfort and confusion and may be the basis of their coaching needs. By eliciting a person’s values, we can begin to notice patterns emerging and evidence of incongruence between life situation and values hierarchy. We have values for each context in life, values for career, values for relationship, values for learning, values for health and fitness and so on. If just one area of our life is experiencing a values conflict, then the others may be impacted in an unhelpful way.



The great news is that values conflicts are not insurmountable problems. As Master Practitioners, we can assist a client to re-organise their values hierarchy to better fit their situation in a particular life context. Using simple sub modalities techniques, we can assist the client to add new, more helpful values or change the hierarchy of their values to resolve a conflict.


For example, a client is moving out of a full time job which no longer fulfils them and they want to work for themselves, creating their own business.


Their values for career in their current employment may look something like this:








If this person is looking to set up on their own, would this values set serve them well? Maybe they might need something about success and money in there!!! Success and the earning of money need to be important if you are running your own company or you won’t move towards them.


Let’s consider another example, a sporting client who competes regularly in their chosen sport has this values hierarchy.








This client’s values are fine if they are just taking part for the fun of taking part, however, if they ever want to win and get to the pinnacle of their sport, they may need a value of winning in their hierarchy and perhaps move fitness closer to the top.


Our values drive our behaviour and therefore our outcomes.


As an NLP Coach, when you begin to work with a client, their values level thinking may be immediately evident by their presentation and physiology. The words they use and the way they describe their goals will also offer a great deal of information about their values level. By matching the client’s values level, you will create very deep rapport. This connection will enable you to lead them to a values level that will cause them to have the greatest success in achieving their goals.


To assist us in assessing our client’s values levels, Tad and Adriana James have developed an easy to use and extremely accurate Coaching Values Inventory. At your Master Practitioner Training, you will be shown how to administer and interpret the CVI and will then be licensed to use it with clients. We will take you though each values level and show you how to coach at each level for the best results. You will also have the opportunity to complete the CVI for yourself and perhaps begin to understand how some things may be happening in your life and how you can resolve them.


Learning about values and values levels will take your coaching ability to the next level and enable you to really facilitate change at a very deep and long lasting level. Can you afford to coach without values?