NLP Coaching

Breaking Through Barriers with NLP Coaching

NLP has been around since the 1970’s. It’s a method of understanding how the human mind works and has developed into a compelling set of techniques which allow us to change unhelpful thinking and behaviour easily and rapidly.  To adopt NLP thinking is to embrace a whole new way of thinking which is empowering and transformative.


The use of NLP in equestrian sport works so beautifully due to the empathic nature of the horse, they feel everything we think.  So it follows that positive, relaxed and confident thinking on the part of the rider, produces the same thinking and therefore behaviour on the part of the horse.


We have developed an NLP Practitioner Certification Training specifically for Equestrian Coaches and Riders, which sits beautifully alongside your technical training and the UK Coaching Certificate.


Sound interesting?  Read on, we hope that you see something that you find exciting and compelling.


Breaking Through Barriers with NLP Coaching


Horses are extremely empathic, they feel everything we think. Just imagine the things that we tell our horses that we are not even consciously aware of!  No wonder they sometimes receive instructions that we didn’t intend to send.  How often could we be confusing poor communication with bad behaviour or even poor riding?


Have you ever coached a rider who just couldn’t progress or fulfil their potential and you just couldn’t put your finger on the reason why?  The answer lies in the way the rider is thinking and how those thoughts are translated into physical behaviour though the mind – body connection.


Working with a rider on the ground and focussing on their mental approach to riding, alongside the mounted technical coaching can assist the rider to break through barriers to their success and achieve so much more performance in a much shorter time frame.  Adding Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to your coaching tool kit will take your coaching skills to a level you never thought possible.


With NLP Coaching skills, you will be able to:

  • Work with riders on their psychological preparation for equestrian sport, expanding your business opportunities and service portfolio.
  • Gain a deep understanding of your riders, using your mastery of language skills to nurture and encourage excellent riding technique.
  • More successfully connect rider and horse for the most successful partnership.
  • Assist riders to remove all of their self-imposed limitations.
  • Enable riders to remove past trauma and phobia, quickly, gently and easily.
  • Ensure your riders have total self-belief, confidence and motivation.
  • Assist riders in removing nerves, anxiety, stress and fear.
  • Break through unhelpful behavioural patterns and strategies which don’t work and install new, helpful ones.
  • Assist riders who are not progressing, without an obvious reason as to why.
  • Build instant connections with anyone and sell your services more effectively, substantially enhancing your business potential.
  • Create calm, relaxed and confident riders, enabling the horses to perform to the best of their ability in a relaxed manner and to enjoy the rider-horse relationship.
  • Create riders who will have greater success in competition and therefore enhance your reputation as a coach who really makes a difference.

Do you coach riders who will benefit from NLP Coaching?  The results that have been achieved are amazing and you now have the opportunity to become a fully ABNLP Certified NLP Equestrian Practitioner. Get in touch for more information.