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Success Factor Modelling

I recently attended a most wonderful webinar with Robert Dilts.  Robert has been around NLP since the very beginning and is the founder of the NLP University in the USA.  He was a pleasure to listen to and it was clear to me, as I watched him on my computer screen, that he is deeply passionate […]

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Oh no, it’s bin day

Surviving with NLP Thinking…   How many times have you or your clients prepared for a lovely ride out and then realised that it is bin collection day and stayed at home?   The very sound of the waste management truck and the clatter of breaking glass and tin cans, catching your attention before you […]

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Releasing a lifetime of trauma with Time Line Therapy

As experienced practitioners of NLP, we are often confronted with a wide range of different presenting problems, it’s what keeps our work exciting and interesting and it’s also what enables us to continue to learn and grown as practitioners of excellence.   After all of the years that I have been working one to one […]

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NLP in Education

The Science Class Who Hate Science by Tracey Cole Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy® and NLP Coaching Forward by Christine Dawson, lead trainer at Quest for Success Ltd:   I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Tracey for sharing her experiences.  I find this article extremely inspiring and appreciate this brief glimpse into the […]

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How to Really do Positive Thinking

How many times has someone told you, ‘You must think positively’? I bet you’ve heard that lots of times, haven’t you? The question is, when you attempt to ‘think positively’, what do you do? Do you know what to do?   Clearly, positive thinking is about focussing your attention on what you want rather than […]

NLP Journey
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Five Essential Keys to Successful Outcomes

Are you creating your desired reality?  Are you getting the outcomes that you want?  Are you really connected to your goals?  Do you unlock and project your full potential on a daily basis? Here is the fifth and final instalment of our five NLP essentials to creating the future that you want, right now:   […]

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Discovering the problem behind the problem

The presenting problem is rarely the problem. You heard this many times during your NLP training and I imagine that many of you have already discovered this for yourself as you listen intently to the problems offered to you by your clients, colleagues and friends.   As people paint detailed pictures of their problems, how […]

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Are your Thoughts Your Own?

This is an interesting train of thought about how you think. Are your thoughts your own? Are they really your own, 100% you? Let’s really consider these questions for a moment. Are your thoughts generated purely by your own internal ideas and creative thinking or have they been carefully, silently and surreptitiously planted them by […]