Blended Coaching

Quest for Success Ltd are a fresh and contemporary NLP Training company with lots of experience in training new thinking across the UK and Europe.


The elegant blending of NLP and Coaching Practice is one of our specialities.  We assist our students to weave vibrant and colourful threads of ethical and transformational NLP thinking into the rich tapestry of coaching to produce a vision that is so compelling and resonant that success is guaranteed.


To dip your toe in the waters of NLP learning is to experience a step change in your personal development and a landscape of new possibilities for your clients.  Our training methods, delivered in a safe and supportive environment, are so effective that you will soon be swimming with confidence.  It rings true that an expansion of thinking and an opening up of the boundaries between the conscious and unconscious minds, will blow a gentle and refreshing breeze through your coaching practice and create something extraordinary.


Adding the distinctiveness of NLP to your coaching approach will enable you to be the coach whose head and shoulders rise above the rest, in what is a very competitive market place.  Your thinking will be highly developed in a very special way and you will become confident in the use of some amazing techniques which will launch your clients forward towards their goals.


The language of NLP is precise and eloquent and you will discover how hard you can shake the boundaries of a client’s problems with language alone.  Using the elegance of reframing, metaphor and logical levels of language, you will watch your clients make incredible transformations right before your eyes.  You will learn to listen between the lines of your client’s language and hear what’s not being said, the deeper structure of their thinking.  Your already wonderful coaching intelligence will be deepened and you will understand new things.


Imagine that your client is bumping up against a barrier constructed of limiting beliefs, internal conflict and negative emotions, as they travel towards their goals.  We will guide you to a point where you can assist your client to not only break through the road block, they will remove it completely, leaving the path clear to continue their journey towards their goals.


Embroidering your own life with NLP will enable you to be in total control of your emotional state at all times, to leave your own baggage at the station, to promote yourself and your business with ease and to create and maintain wonderful relationships.


I know you’ll agree that by creating a blended approach to coaching, a new level can be achieved, complimenting your expert coaching skills and opening doors to new success.


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