Are your Thoughts Your Own?

This is an interesting train of thought about how you think. Are your thoughts your own? Are they really your own, 100% you? Let’s really consider these questions for a moment. Are your thoughts generated purely by your own internal ideas and creative thinking or have they been carefully, silently and surreptitiously planted them by others? Are your thoughts really an accurate reflection of you or a result of the many mirrors of manipulation that are consistently and persistently held up around you by media, social media, colleagues, the corporation, friends and family?


We live in an extremely audio-visual world and all of the multi-media channels that surround you are bombarding you with data and telling you what to think and even what to feel. You comply with peer pressure and the expectations of social norms which dictate your actions and outcomes, in short, you are being quietly manipulated by the information driven world around you.


Recently we were all told by social media that we should all be filming ourselves having cold water poured over our heads, the ‘ice bucket challenge’ and that if we didn’t respond to a nomination then we should feel bad or guilty about it. Thousands of people responded and did exactly what they had been told, the power of social media and peer expectations. Where is the individual thought here? As it turned out, the majority of people who did the challenge didn’t actually contribute funds to charity, so they just did the challenge because they wanted to fit the social norm, not because they wanted to contribute something worthwhile. Isn’t it possible that if we want to contribute to charity we can do that at any time of our own choosing, rather than when we are told we must?


What’s of most concern is that many media outlets are controlling your thoughts through the debilitating emotion of fear and other negative emotions.


For example, would the economic recession have happened in the same way as it did if nobody told you that the country was in an economic ‘crisis’? No of course not, because the public would not have reacted by stopping spending for fear of an uncertain and austere future. Our actions as a nation in this instance were governed by fear led information that actually made the situation worse. The media created a new belief which we all accepted as our truth and our behaviours changed accordingly. I wonder how many of you haven’t had or done what you wanted to do over the last few years because of this belief? What if you didn’t hold that belief? Would you have reacted differently and would your life have been different, more enjoyable perhaps?  Everyone stopped spending, businesses therefore collapsed and we began a fast ride on a steep helter-skelter, spiralling out of control. All because we were told what to believe and we accepted that belief as our own truth.


How is this possible? To answer this question, we must first understand how we process information and generate thought.


We all have a very practical and efficient internal filtering system which enables us to select which items of data we accept and which we reject. Data is a constant and enters our neurology through our five senses; our five senses are of course our sight, our hearing, our sense of touch, our ability to taste and to smell. An enormous quantity of data reaches our senses every second, so much so that if we accepted it all we would be quickly overwhelmed with a conscious overcrowding of thought.


This is where our wonderful unconscious mind steps forward and takes control. Our filters, which are largely unconscious, sieve out the data and only what we consider valid and important is allowed to pass through into our internal representations.


Our values and beliefs are two of the filter systems which assist us in selecting data. This is how we are manipulated by others. We believe what we are told to believe and we value what we are instructed to value in order to ‘do the right thing’ and ‘be the right person’. The question we must ask is, ‘right for whom?’


In NLP, one of the most precious gifts that we receive is that of critical and individual thought. Imagine that! Thought that are 100% you! In NLP we learn how to poke at our beliefs and find out which are enabling and which are limiting. Through the processes of NLP and Time Line Therapy™ we can then change our limiting beliefs that have been installed in our unconscious by others and begin to create empowering beliefs about ourselves and the beautiful world that we live in, and if you really stop to look at the panorama of the world, it is beautiful and precious in equal measure.

Removing negative emotions, most particularly fear with Time Line Therapy™ techniques, enables us to think critically about the data we receive and to process it calmly and accurately in a neutral and focussed state. This is how clarity of thought is generated and stunning revelations are experienced and exciting new goals are set and achieved.


It’s time your thoughts are your own.