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Accelerating your Career or Creating a New One.

The intellectual origins and psychotherapeutic applications of early NLP are widely documented.  Indeed, NLP was created from the detailed study of the natural language used by eminent psychotherapists of the 1970’s and the inherent processes and techniques they used to generate transformative change in their clients.  NLP’s unique and specialised beginning is well understood by those who have paid attention to this impressive method of thinking about thinking.  As a result, I am often asked about the modern day applications of NLP and how it can be woven into the everyday hustle and bustle of fast moving corporate life.  Can NLP be an effective catalyst of performance enhancement and prospect acceleration in business?


The answer is simple.  YES!


Contemporary NLP has evolved significantly from its extraordinary birth, reaching a maturity that has practical applications across the breadth of the corporate world.  What follows are just a few tips of how you can effectively apply NLP skills and thinking to accelerate your current career prospects or to create a completely new and tremendously rewarding career.


  1. As a Leader– As a leader, seek to inspire, motivate, understand, support and influence rather than direct. Think about igniting passion in those around you and encourage them to perform at their best. Be a model of continuous personal and professional development, whilst accepting feedback and sacrificing self for others when appropriate. Lead through being intelligent about emotional content.


  1. Successful Sales– Even if your role title doesn’t contain the word ‘sales’ we are all in sales.  At some point during each working day, you will be required to sell something, be it a product, service, a concept, an idea, or maybe your skillset.  Contrary to popular belief, successful selling of anything can actually be really easy, after all, selling is just about giving information and using a framework of proven techniques.  Selling ethically is about making it really easy for someone to purchase something that they need.  An understanding of the buying psychology of your customer is a key which unlocks the many doors to sales. If you understand your customer, how they like to communicate, how they receive and process information, what their needs are and how they make the decision to buy, then you can sell with a refreshing openness and honesty that will generate customer loyalty for years to come.


  1. A person of influence– To participate successfully in an elegant negotiation, the negotiator must begin with a win – win mind-set. There is always a highest positive intent which is shared between two or more negotiating parties. The skill of reaching a shared agreement is embedded within the ability to find this highest common ground and then to agree the finer detail from there. Changing what someone believes is an incredible art and science. Ethical influencing is charged with bringing alternative thinking to someone’s awareness in the knowledge that the new thinking will be beneficial to them, whilst enabling them to retain the gift of personal and independent choice.


  1. Public Speaking with confidence– Charismatic and entertaining speakers who hold the audience’s attention throughout their presentation can be created though the adoption of some very powerful, yet simple techniques.  Any presentation must always begin from a positive and useful internal state. This is the foundation that differentiates an NLP based approach. You can teach someone all the tricks and traps you like, if they are not in a positive state, they will never conquer the wizardry of public speaking.  A powerful presenter skillfully involves the whole audience, ensures that everyone connects with the information offered, whilst remaining in total control throughout.


  1. An Effective Team Member– Any high functioning team requires a rich blend of personality traits and working preferences so that there is a perfect cog for every pin. Recognise what your unique contribution to the team dynamic is and recognise the intrinsic value of others. Remember, you may not agree with their thinking or their approach as it will be different to your own.  Embrace the diverse richness of thought and the team will fly.


  1. Connecting with othersNLP provides a sharp focus on individual skills which enable people to connect with other people.  Understanding how we, as human beings process information is an important learning towards your complete understanding of others.  By appreciating the internal processing of others, you will open the door to understanding individuals and how they personally create their model of the world. Unlocking the secrets of how someone represents the outside world internally enables us to tailor our communication accordingly, so that everything you say becomes resonant at the highest level.  Consider that every time you speak, you change the way someone feels.


  1. Changing thinking with storytelling– For centuries, storytellers have been revered and respected for their wisdom and insight. They have been held aloft as people who inspire and as ambassadors for change which seemed almost magical. There is a lot to learn from the storytellers of days gone by as we inject the magic of metaphor into business communication.  Stories or metaphors, which are simply stories with an underlying meaning, install messages at the unconscious level, offering a profound level of understanding connected with your communication. Stories, when designed properly and with a specific focus, create a form of mental imprint which serves to mold perceptions and gently touch the unconscious mind. When we tell a story, we take the listener back to a much simpler time in their lives, before the challenges of building great business acumen even entered our perception. When things are presented in simplistic terms, they become easier to understand and we begin to form connections, often incredibly complex in nature.


  1. Sharing skills– Training with impact and charisma is both an art and a skill. The ability to communicate complex ideas to a wide ranging audience with different communication processing systems and levels of knowledge is a honed skill and a skill that can be learned.  Be mindful of training both the conscious and the unconscious mind simultaneously. Participants therefore retain the information offered to them more easily and utilise new skills and techniques through the creation of revised internal processing. Each participant must be allowed to learn in exactly the way their brain wants to learn, rather than experiencing a sheep dip approach which is devoid of relevance and resonance.


  1. Coaching others– A coaching relationship is a developmental on-going interaction between two people, the Coach and the Coachee, which assists the Coachee to develop their capabilities, achieve their goals and objectives and produce successful results.  As a successful coach, act as a catalyst to new multi-dimensional thinking with greater depth and breadth. The Coachee will have the time and space to reflect and learn, looking inwardly and focusing on self. The coach may provide explanations, metaphors and a guiding focus, whilst ensuring that the coachee takes responsibility for their own personal development. Coaching is an interactive process and can incorporate practical exercises and tasks to cement in new learnings and encourage growth. The Coach promotes and supports their Coachee’s growth, learning, professional development, and personal bench-marks, whilst the Coachee retains responsibility.


NLP can be practically applied to modern business environments of all kinds.  A tool for the few has transformed into a way of thinking for the masses.  If you believed that NLP has nothing for you, then perhaps you should reconsider and discover what thousands of others have benefitted from over many developmental years of continuous innovation.  Learning new thinking and new skills founded on NLP will enable you to enhance and accelerate your own performance at work, making that journey up the career ladder move faster and with a great deal of enjoyment.  You may wish to begin a new career, if so, the foundational thinking behind NLP will facilitate your thinking, belief and motivation to succeed under your own steam.  You may even wish to start up an NLP based business and because all of our courses provide fully accredited certification, you will be eminently qualified to do so.  So why not accelerate your prospects now? Click here to find the right course for you.