Accelerate your prospects by awakening your independent thinking

We live in a very audio/visual world. Every hour of every day, our senses are being bombarded with the sounds and pictures of a modern era. 24 hour news, a plethora of social media channels, continuous advertising, unsolicited advice about how we should live our lives, what food we should eat, how we should behave, what we should consider as important, what we should think.


This overwhelming sensory intrusion on our lives has always been there and we develop into adult life with elements of so many other people incorporated into our own thinking. Let’s consider for a moment how we develop our early behavioural and cognitive reasoning patterns by briefly reviewing the work of Morris Massey.


Massey described 3 distinct developmental periods during our journey of growth to adulthood:


Imprint period: According to Massey, our developmental imprint period occurs between the ages of 0 and 7 years old. During this period of our lives we act like little sponges, absorbing everything around us and missing nothing. We begin to form our values and beliefs at this time, most of which comes from our parents, our early years teachers and our wider family. The majority of the learning process which occur during the imprint period are largely unconscious in nature and form the basic programming of each one of us. So right from our birth, our capacity for independent thought has been coloured by the thinking of others, however positive or negative that thinking may be.

Modelling Period: Our period of modelling occurs between the ages of 7 – 14. During this period of our lives, we lose even more of our independent and individual thinking by modelling others. We both consciously and unconsciously model basic behaviours. We copy people that we find interesting and exciting, people like music stars, actors, the older children who look so cool and people that we look up to and respect. We make certain elements of their thinking and behaviour our own and perpetuate them within our own lives. Our major values sets are developed during this period of our lives.


Socialisation Period: This is the time in our lives when real social interaction commences, between the ages of 14 and 21. Here we form the basic core relationship and social values which we will retain and use for the rest of our lives. Our core values never change, unless we chose to change them, for example with NLP.


So we have reached the age of 21 and our thinking has been shaped almost exclusively by the thinking and behaviour of other sources outside of ourselves and so it continues as we grow older in a world where we are constantly being told what to think and how to behave. Eventually we stop thinking for ourselves and just say ‘Baaaaahhh’. We dutifully conform to global thinking and think just like everybody else. This makes us susceptible to global emotions too. Now we are told how to feel. The news channel tells us day on day what we should be afraid of; the economy, war, terrorism, the weather, illness and the list goes on. The majority of us unconsciously comply and live life filled with negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt, jealousy, envy, frustration, anxiety. Most of the time we are not feeling these emotions because we genuinely want to feel them, we feel them because somebody says we should in order to ‘fit in’ with societal norms.


Why is this undesirable to someone who wishes to be successful and happy and have an abundance of everything they want for themselves and those that they love? The answer is simple. Without the ability to think for yourself, independently and creatively, you have no personal power. The process of independent thinking is about Personal Empowerment.


To become empowered, your thinking must be your own. Firstly letting go of all of the negative emotions that you have been instructed to feel with a simple process such as Time Line Therapy™. Then forming new and empowering beliefs about yourself and your own model of the world and adopting values which serve you better than the set installed in you unconsciously by other people. Learn how to think creatively and without the boundaries imposed on you over the years, freeing you to create the future that you want in a new way, with different, more empowered behaviours and a new way of thinking.


Those who take our Intensive NLP Practitioner Certification Training, or who enter into an Exclusive Personal Breakthrough Programme with one of our excellent NLP Coaches, learn how to generate their independent thinking and leave us as empowered individuals who have wonderful new goals that they know how to achieve. They know how to create their own future and how to think for themselves. They begin to behave as successful people, utilising their new found empowerment and experience amazing success, living the lives they want rather than the lives they believed they were given. Think independently and become empowered by attending our live NLP training, it will be the most important training you have ever attended and one you will remember every day of your life afterwards.