NLP Journey

A Journey Through the Mastery of NLP

To become a Master of something means that you have made a journey of learning which has taken you to a destination of complete competency and understanding. More than simply learning and capability, the Mastery of NLP is a discovery of a new world of thinking and transformation, no longer bound by a specific technique portfolio. To be a Master of NLP is to free your cognitive chains and let your innovative and imaginative mind create new pathways in your neural networks, so that you can create new approaches for yourself and your clients.


When you train as a Master Practitioner of NLP, you will be encouraged to take a path of independent thinking, built on the firm foundations of your Practitioner knowledge. The mastery of language is the key theme of the first week of your training. We will show you how to light up the neurology of your client using directionalised language which will enable you to assist the client in changing their internal representations during normal conversation.


The way we conceptualise our world and construct our reality provides an incredible fascination, one that shapes thinking and created deep insight into how someone processes their environment internally. The way our minds and bodies are connected is explored and your thinking expanded into the actuality of what’s real and what is subjective experience. A universal connectivity provides invisible linkages between us all which can be perceived and utilised with the right thinking and learning. We will show you how to recognise and develop the connections you have with your environment and with the universal body of shared energy that binds us all.


Quantum thinking, which directs us away from traditional understanding of human psychology and towards a whole new approach to how we view the world and beyond, leads us into the exceptional subject of quantum linguistics. Utilising a range of highly effective, advanced language patterns, you will learn how to assist someone to change and transform rapidly through the use of language alone. If your profession relies heavily on your communication with others, then this learning is a must. We use a set of four simple patterns that re-shape thinking in a multi-dimensional way, enabling you to think circles around others and generate innovative ideas.


A Master Practitioner of NLP has the capability to create all of the changes that you successfully generated at Practitioner level through the use of language alone, at an advanced level. That means, advanced sub-modalities and designer swish patterns, advanced negotiation and mediation techniques, advanced work with strategies, advanced re-framing and linguistic Parts Integration.


Prime Concerns is a method of discovering the deepest part of the linguistic deep structure of meaning. It’s what you need to know in order to reach the problems that are hidden from awareness, deep in the unconscious mind. Discovering and dealing with Prime Concerns is one of the most transformative elements of your Master Practitioner learning, again, all achieved linguistically.


To really know a person, maybe even better than they know themselves, we need to know what their internal preferences are and what motivates them, at the unconscious level. Discovering their Meta-Programmes assists us to uncover the true nature of how a person thinks about their work and their motivations to do work. This simple question set is a must for anyone who manages people or works in recruitment and everyone who regularly communicates with others. We will demonstrate how you can organise your language to connect with the reality of others and help them make changes which will shape their lives more positively. Coupled with an in-depth study of values, you will learn how to help someone to really understand how they have created the life they have and how to get the life they want.


Everything you learn in NLP is exciting and we are sure that you will want to share it with others. To this end, we will show you how to design and deliver a compelling and informative training with charisma and grace. We will share with you the secrets of training both the conscious and unconscious minds, to make learning easy and impactful.


NLP began with modelling. Modelling is how we observe in great detail, how an expert produces a specific result and then transforms those observations into a programme of training that can be taught to anyone. Imagine modelling an expert in your field, someone who does what they do with complete excellence. How would it be if you could learn what they know and install it in yourself or others, learning the skill in a fraction of the time it took the expert to learn it originally.


All of this new learning and that’s just week 1. If this sounds like a lot, it is and we will make your learning experience fun and enjoyable, we may even install some of it…unconsciously! To help you relax and enjoy, we will also share with you some meditative techniques from Huna, so that you can feel centred and calm at any time of your choosing.


During your second week, you will become a Master of Hypnosis and advanced Time Line techniques, as well as learning to recognise and utilise Values Levels, as was taught by Dr. Clare Graves and continued by the National Values Centre and Spiral Dynamics. This is mind blowing new learning and provides light bulb moments as we consider the world today and its transition along a spiral of change. If you’ve paused to wonder why the recent up risings in North Africa, parts of the Middle East and Syria happened when and as they did, values level thinking provides explanation and enlightenment.


Towards the end of week 2, you will experience the most intensive period of inner reflection and personal change you have ever entered in to. You will have the exceptional opportunity to engage in a full Personal Breakthrough Session. A full day, focussed on you and your forward transition into the person you really want to be. Not only will you receive your very own, bespoke session, you will also learn how to design and deliver a session for one of your fellow participants. Once you have this process under your belt, you have a very lucrative product to take out into your world and offer to your clients.


Continuing to invest in yourself and your learning and capability, not only provides you with a limitless source of additional income, you get to transform yourself as well! Our Master Practitioner Programme also gives you access to NLP Trainer’s Training, where you will create a whole new career in assisting others to become the best they can possibly be.