A Blended Coaching Approach

The elegant blending of NLP and Coaching Practice is one of our specialities.  We assist our students to weave vibrant and colourful threads of ethical and transformational NLP thinking into the rich tapestry of coaching to produce a vision that is so compelling and resonant that success is guaranteed.


To dip your toe in the waters of NLP learning is to experience a step change in your personal development and a landscape of new possibilities for your clients.  Our training methods, delivered in a safe and supportive environment, are so effective that you will soon be swimming with confidence.  It rings true that an expansion of thinking and an opening up of the boundaries between the conscious and unconscious minds, will blow a gentle and refreshing breeze through your coaching practice and create something extraordinary.


Adding the distinctiveness of NLP to your coaching approach will enable you to be the coach whose head and shoulders rise above the rest, in what is a very competitive market place.  We will help you to build on your Instructor and UKCC Training by adding a whole new dimension and a great deal more detail to your skill set.  Your thinking will be highly developed in a very special way and you will become confident in the use of some amazing techniques which will launch your clients forward towards their goals.


The language of NLP is precise and eloquent and you will discover how hard you can shake the boundaries of a client’s problems with language alone.  Using the elegance of reframing, metaphor and logical levels of language, you will watch your clients make incredible transformations right before your eyes.  You will learn to listen between the lines of your client’s language and hear what’s not being said, the deeper structure of their thinking.  Your already wonderful coaching intelligence will be deepened and you will understand new things.


Imagine that your client is bumping up against a barrier constructed of limiting beliefs, internal conflict and negative emotions, as they travel towards their goals.  We will guide you to a point where you can assist your client to not only break through the road block, they will remove it completely, leaving the path clear to continue their journey towards their goals.


Embroidering your own life with NLP will enable you to be in total control of your emotional state at all times, to leave your own baggage at the station, to promote yourself and your business with ease and to create and maintain wonderful relationships.


I know you’ll agree that by creating a blended approach to coaching, a new level can be achieved, complimenting your expert coaching skills and opening doors to new success.


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Peripheral Vision (The Learning State)

A key NLP techniques used to enable state control in both rider and horse is the Learning State, also known as Perpipheral Vision or Hakalau (from Hawiian Huna).

Peripheral Vision is an almost magical personal state which assists in state control and learning.  It opens up a door to your unconscious mind, creating a wonderful state of relaxed alertness.  New information and learning can pour in and be retrieved consciously whenever you need it.  Learning new things need never feel difficult again!  Peripheral Vision works beautifully for adults and children alike, particularly when focus and sustained attention are a problem.

The other incredible attribute of peripheral vision, is that it is impossible to hold on to a negative emotion whilst experiencing it.  Imagine that, being unable to feel a negative emotion!  Would that help you to met the challenges that riding and coaching provides?  It certainly will!

Entering peripheral vision is really easy.  Here’s how you do it…

As we focus our vision into a narrow field, we are in what is referred to as ‘foveal vision’.  In this state, our field of view is narrow and our internal state is very restricted.

When we push our field of vision out into the peripheral, we see everything, notice everything and open up our unconscious mind to possibility.

A Blended Coaching Approach

Focus your eyes on a spot on the wall in front of you which means you have to raise your eye level.  Imagine you are looking towards the spot directly between your eyebrows.

Now, focus in on that spot and make it so you can see only that spot on the wall and hold your attention there.  As you focus all of your attention on that spot, now begin to push your visual field out to the sides, whilst keeping your eyes on the spot.  Begin to notice the environment to either side of you, without moving your eyes.  Push your visual field out further, so you can notice everything within a 180 degree field of vision and perhaps even wider!

Notice what happens to the way you feel internally as you do this, what happens to your state?  A deep sense of calm and relaxation will wash over you.

Now, lower your eyes and look around normally, maintaining your peripheral vision, you are now experiencing the learning state. Easy and effective state control and a fantastic state for learning.

Peripheral Vision works incredibly well for state control.  It is also useful to teach anyone who finds it hard to maintain attention and concentration and for anybody who needs to learn new things.  One of our Equestrian Speciality graduates has used this technique to calm his horse and other horses around them – amazing.  Peripheral Vision is powerful and effective, give it a try and practice often.  You’ll soon have 360 degree vision!