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7 Great Tips for Dealing with the Stuff that Challenges You.


  1. Avoid Overwhelm– When challenges enter your life, they can sometimes feel overwhelming and impossible to deal with.  The light at the end of the tunnel seems just a pin prick on the horizon.  Avoid becoming overwhelmed by separating out each challenge in your life and then breaking each challenge down into manageable steps that you can cope with easily.


  1. Take Responsibility– Embrace your personal power by taking responsibility and control for the challenges in your life.  By taking control, you create the capability to change those things that are not quite as you would like them to be right now.  You can even take control over things outside of yourself that you can’t change directly because you have total control over the way you respond to them.


  1. Take Action– Keeping your challenges in manageable chunks, take action every day to resolve what you don’t want and create more of what you do.  The more energy you put into an action, the greater the response you will get.


  1. Be Healthy– It is critical that you look after your personal wellbeing and health during challenging times.  Ensure that you create time in your day to eat well, drink lots of water, exercise and get the right amount of quality sleep.  If sleeping is proving problematic, then there are many really lovely hypnotic inductions which will assist you to drift off into an energising and restful sleep.


  1. Notice your thinking– Notice the stories that you are telling yourself in your head.  This self-narrative is one of the most prolific creators of your emotional state, along with the pictures and other sounds that present themselves.  Ensure that the tonality of your self-talk is positive and that the content is helpful to you.  If you notice yourself listening to your internal voice speaking of continuous negativity, then it’s time to stop that story, close the chapter and begin a new, more helpful voice.


  1. Gratitude and Happiness– It is human nature to always seek more and more.  We constantly delay our happiness by thinking, when I have that particular thing in the future, then I can be happy.  The problem is, when we get that thing, we continue to delay our happiness in our pursuit of something else, so our happiness keeps getting pushed further and further into our future.  The top tip here is to take a moment to be grateful for something or many things in your life and be happy about them now.  Aspirations and ambition are fabulous and provide us with motivation and we can do that without making our happiness contingent on the outcome.


  1. Create Your Future– Write down your goals and the steps you are going to take to reach them.  Make sure that the first steps are easily achievable or you will never progress down your chosen path.  Keep your route flexible, so that if you encounter a bump in the road you can chose another path to take you to your destination.  Take action every day towards the successful completion of your goal.


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